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Psychic-skeptics: What do you have to say about this woman? How do you explain her powers?

Someone uploaded a few extracts form an old documentary, it's around 2 minutes long, but you'll see Nina Kulagina's telekinetic powers:

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Whatever Kulagina’s 'powers' were, it is said that they had always taken a lot out of her. After one set of tests with Dr. Rejdak she was totally exhausted, and had almost no pulse. Her face was pale and drained and she could hardly move her body. She had apparently lost almost four pounds in half an hour (many Western mediums, such as American Felicia Parise, have also described this weight loss during PK); it was as if she were converting the matter of her own body into energy.

Some skeptics have claimed that Kulagina was only tested in her own apartment and in hotel rooms, but according to Pravda for example, she was also tested by eminent Soviet scientists in controlled laboratory conditions. These scientists are quoted as more than once stating that after watching Nina in action that they had found ‘no hidden threads, magnets, or other gimmicks.’

Another of the American investigators, Gaither Pratt, of the University of Virginia, stated that the objects which Kulagina could move varied widely in material, shape and weight, and when they moved they generally progressed in a slow, steady fashion. Only occasionally did the objects which Kulagina 'controlled' move in fits and starts. It is reported that a number of precautions were taken to make sure that Kulagina wasn’t using a concealed magnet or threads, and films were taken of the experiments which seem to confirm that no known force could explain the movements.


She died in the 1990s. Most of you are replying without even reading.

Update 2:

Parrot - Just because YOU don't know about her, doesn't mean she isn't famous. If you type her name in Russian on google, you'll get millions of results. Hundreds of thousands or so if you type it in English.

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    There have been more impressive hoaxes debunked. She's doing the stuff magicians make money doing. I'm not impressed. Note - I(!) cannot explain what's happening but I'm sure a good magician could think of something. I'm inclined to believe that in a world where magicians routinely levitate people and make animals disappear, somebody like this has no real power.

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    This is such a poor example of human intelligence. I don't think any of the people who bothered to comment had any idea what the hell they were talking about. Chances are she was a fraud, and when the KGB are tasking you to prove your worth in their pursuit of advantages over the U.S. it would be unwise for her, or those testing/studying her, to disappoint.

    Regardless, get your **** together humanity. Talking out of your *** makes you an ***. Use your heads before you do ANYTHING in this life. If answering a question that wasn't even directed at YOU, then take a moment to observe what facts are made available and fact check via google or by asking your own questions so you have something worth saying. Ignorance is never attractive, especially when people don't do jack all to mitigate it.

    I'm aware this is a necro thread, but only fools allow ignorance to exist in any form. That's just lazy and dumb. Humanity is too full up on that and worse and we need to make some changes to ourselves, so others can do the same.

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    This is like someone saying that they have a time machine in their basement. If someone really had that, wouldn't we all know about it? It makes no sense that some people actually have "psychic powers" and not receive huge amounts of attention from every single part of the world.

    Edit: Well, it doesn't look like anyone else on this question has heard of her either.

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    When people with "psychic abilities" do double-blind tests, they do no better than chance. Then they say they weren't in their "element" or some B.S. It doesn't take a genius to realize physics are fraud; plus it makes no sense given our knowledge of science.

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    I don't see how this is useful at all.

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    I just laughed so hard at the "clear box" they made to "prevent trickery."

    Hellooo...under the table, geniuses!

    I can replicate every single one of her tricks, and I'm a rather poor amateur magician.


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    Did she win the Randi challenge? Why not?

    The Randi Challenge was first introduced in 1964.

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    It's too bad she not around to ask. Science, alternative, paranormal might be more responsive.

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    Dude just visit the psychic if u want.

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