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Plz help: asap Social studies?

11. Which statement describes “The Trail of Tears”?

A) the streams of blood that flowed from the Sauk Indians at the end of the Black Hawk War

B) the involuntary 800-mile march Cherokee Indians made in their removal from Georgia

C) the line connecting Seminole Indian settlements up and down Florida’s east coast

D) the traces of salt reportedly seen on Osceola’s face when he was found dead in prison

12. What do supporters of the states rights’ doctrine believe?

A) State power should be greater than federal power.

B) The Constitution grants Congress authority over interstate commerce.

C) Northern interests should be considered before the interests of other regions.

D) The Constitution treats Congress as less valuable than state legislatures.

13. What caused the American fur trade to move westward in the early 1800s?

A) Fur companies wiped out the beaver population in the East in their effort to meet European demand for the popular “high hat.”

B) The American Fur Company sent mountain men to the West in its effort to beat its competitors from Europe and the East.

C) Fur trappers called “mountain men” wanted to be the first to map western territory and asked the American Fur Company to sponsor their journey.

D) American Indian trappers from the Pacific Northwest were acclaimed for their skill and eastern companies wanted to know their secrets.

14. Which was true about the Oregon Trail?

A) It ran through the Sierra Nevadas.

B) It required protection by U.S. government troops.

C) It was a popular route for merchants.

D) It took six months to travel.

15. How might a trader have described the Santa Fe Trail?

A) “a long, hot, and dangerous road…but profitable”

B) “wonderful scenery, but those Indians are troublesome”

C) “the fastest way to get from St. Louis to Santa Fe”

D) “just another muddy trade route”

16. By December 1860, the Mormon population of Utah had reached about 40,000 people because of the efforts of which church leader?

A) Brigham Young

B) Joseph Smith

C) John Jacob Astor

D) John Sutter

17. What was the significance of Father Hidalgo y Costilla’s rebellion?

A) It pushed American settlers back over Mexico’s northern border, but failed to achieve a ban on slavery.

B) It failed to overthrow the Spanish monarch, but inspired the independence movement to grow.

C) It showed that Christian beliefs could succeed in uniting large groups for political causes.

D) It succeeded in stopping Spanish agents from giving American Indian and mestizo land to settlers.

18. Why was the Battle of the Alamo significant to the outcome of the Texas Revolution?

A) Frontiersman Davy Crockett and Colonel Jim Bowie joined the Texan defenses.

B) Prisoners who had surrendered at Goliad were released, adding to the Texan defenses.

C) The Texans were beaten, but Sam Houston’s forces were inspired to win the Battle of San Jacinto.

D) The Texans suffered heavy losses, but the survivors overcame Antonio López de Santa Anna’s army.

19. President Jackson refused to annex Texas because doing so would have

A) upset the balance between free and slave states.

B) encouraged wars of independence in other border areas.

C) gone against the wishes of Congress.

D) admitted to the British that western expansion had ended.

20. Americans cried “Fifty-four forty or fight!” in reference to

A) the line to which they wanted their northern territory to extend.

B) the line that marked the northern border of what is now California.

C) the number of prisoners they wanted Santa Anna to release.

D) the number of American fighters whose deaths they wanted to avenge.

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    Who cares? Do your own homework. It's good for you.

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    Get off the computer and do your homework.

    Quit playing around at school and you'd know the answers.

    But, just to let you know this stuff can be interesting, in question 16, it mentions John Sutter. Did you know that he owned the mill where the gold was found that started the California gold rush in 1849? The people working some construction at his mill were Mormons. They had just completed the longest march in US Army history (the record stands even today) to defend the US from Mexico. The Mormon Battalion (as they were known) were working at Sutters mill to get money to return to Salt Lake or the camps at Winter Quarters (near Omaha, NE). Sutter only got his mill finished because the Mormons had integrity enough to stay and finish the job they were hired to do while all the other workers left to find gold. Interesting, isn't it?

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