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if my last period was feb 17 and my due date is nov 24 exactly what day(date) did i concieve?

before or after my period???????? it makes a big difference!


So would it be safe to say i'm pregnant because I had unprotected sex on feb 10?

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    Google "conception calculator" and type in your dates.

    You would have ovulated around Mar. 3, which means any sex from about Feb. 27-Mar 4 (give or take a day or two) could have resulted in the pregnancy.

    Sex on Feb. 10 would have been too early to catch an egg that was released on Mar. 3. Sperm only live for about 5 days.

    Having said all that, are you talking about this year? As in, you've just found out you're pregnant and are about 4 weeks along? If so, then you haven't had your dating ultrasound yet, which means you *could* be further along than you think. If your Feb. 17 period was not "normal" for you (lighter that usual or not as long as usual) then its possible it wasn't a period at all. If you ovulated around Feb. 10 and had sex around that time, then Feb. 17th would be the right timing for implantation spotting......

    Once you have your dating ultrasound, you will know for sure.


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    I would say... ASK YOU DOCTOR! But if you want to do some rough figuring, then count back the weeks on the calendar starting with Nov. 24.Count back 38 weeks. I know that they say that pregnancy is 40 weeks, but that involves the LNMP. Should give you a decent idea, but as always consult your doctor to be sure.

    EDIT: My calc shows you should be after your period if the last day was the 17th. 38 weeks should put you at March. 3. 40 weeks is is the 17th. So it would be a safe bet of AFTER.

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    For a due date of November 24, you would have conceived March 3. Which would be after your period.

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    You would have conceived on March 3, give or take a few days.

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