Advice please - work colleague leaves his dog in his car all day!!?

I got back from my lunch break and saw a little Jack Russel in one of the cars in the private staff car park at the place I work. One of the windows was left slightly open - and I live in Wales (UK) so the weather at the moment is not scorching.

I came into my office and asked around and was told that the guy in question is someone who works in a different section from me (I dont even know what he looks like) and that he leaves his dog in the car every day all day (from 8am - 5pm). They said that he doesn't always let the dog out at lunch - sometimes it gets left in there all day.

I think this is outrageously cruel - and wondered if anyone could offer me any advice on what i could do to stop him from doing it in future? I feel a bit uncomfortable talking to him as I dont know the guy - but I am parked next to him today and was wondering if I should say something when we leave work?

If you think that I am in the right to want to do something about this - can you give me any suggestions on what to say to him (I dont want to put him on the defensive or start out too negatively) and does anyone know what legal repercussions/outcomes could happen - Ie: if i was too contact the RSPC what could/would they do?

Thanks guys.

PS - I think anyone that leaves their dogs in cars should be locked up. Our German Shepherd will get left with all windows open slightly for a maximum of a couple of mins if we have to pop into a garage/shop etc. Even that only happens rarely - more often than not one of us stays in the car with her,

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  • 9 years ago
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    It is illegal to leave an animal in a locked car especially for a day don't say anything to him in case he is a creep and follows or try's to hurt you as you don't know him be quiet about it and definitely ph the RSPCA and tell them where the animal is and your distressed about it and don't tell them your name you don't have to leave it up to them they will find him and give him a warning or fine him and warn him and you have done your bit as a human concerned for an animal that is natural good on you for caring summer isn't far away and it gets very hot in the Uk not to mention freezing in winter this is not appropriate animal care Hugs Granny M x

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    9 years ago

    Be brave and let him know its wrong. If he continues please call the RSPCA but get some evidence its happening on regular basis like taking photos on a mobile. I say this because they will visit him but they are likely to just caution him because he will say he hasn't done this before. If he continues keep collecting evidence and call them again. Bascially he needs to be shamed into stopping this disgusting behaviour.

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