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blood test?? now or later??!?

k well I have to go do a blood test cuz I didn't get one in a reallyy long time.

but I also might need to do surgery (nasal polyps removal?) and I think they give u a blood test b4 the surgery right? So I was wondering if I should wait and see if they do the blood test then or should I get it done now..... and if I get it done now would they just take the results IF I NEED SURGERY?? or will they make me do another one.... I am terrified of needles and I would rather do it only once (or never :P )

pleasee let me know

thanks :)


I'm 16 by the way

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get a blood test now as the doctor in a general blood test is testing for much more things like cholesterol levels etc and the blood test they're doing prior to surgery is for the surgery lot's of people are scared of needles don't be their smaller and less felt these days tell the nurse doing it look away and get the nurse to tell you a joke or ask you questions that way you don't know when she is doing it and you won't worry about it so much ok! Hope this helps Luv Granny M x

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  • 9 years ago

    First, depending on your age you Dr. may decide to do moe than the usual blood tests they do before surgery. Usually you have a blood count and a C7 which covers a general look at over all health. The tests usually need to be done 1-2 weeks before surgery, There are other blood tests your Dr. might want since you haven't had one in along time. These include liver function, kidney function, cholesterol level. Some of this might need to be worked on before you are safe for surgery. Good luck!

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  • 3 years ago

    you likely ovulated previous due, that's why your era is previous due. that's uncommon to be pregnant and characteristic a adverse blood try, even with the undeniable fact that it may take place if the lab that your blood replaced into sent to is measuring for a more desirable point of HCG than think approximately had on your blood on the time you have been examined.

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