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What's a good cheese pairing for cardinale wine from san antonio winery?

I'm planning a surprise birthday picnic for my boyfriend and i'm putting together a menu of items i'll bring/make. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :)

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  • TJ516
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    9 years ago
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    Without knowing which vintage you have, Cabernet Sauvignon grape generally favors cow's milk cheeses and generally works well with washed rind variety of cow's milk cheeses, from young to well-aged. Cabernets also tolerate many milder blues. The prominent cedar, lead pencil, and tobacco flavors associated with this variety often clash with the acids that are typical of most goat's milk cheeses. When paired with sheep milk cheeses the grape blends fairly well at the start but the finish is usually less rewarding.

    These are some higher end suggestions to give you an idea. If you serve crackers be sure that they are water crakers like Carr's. You don't want to confuse the flavours of the cheese and wine with Trisket and garlic.

    Le Moulis is a firm, moist cow's milk cheese made in a small mountain creamery high in the Pyrénées. Gouda is simply unrivaled for that perfect balance of salty and sweet. Deep caramel in color, crunchy, flaky, and meltingly smooth on the tongue. Grayson, from Meadow Creek Farms in the hills of southwestern Virginia, has a pungent savoriness, starting off tangy, fresh, and sweet and finishing as warm and smooth as butter. On the edge of the Bodensee Lake in Canton Thurgau in northern Switzerland three master cheese makers at Käserei Studer are using thermalized milk to create this firm, powerful cheese. The cheese, Scharfe Maxx, is washed in brine with herbs and aged for a minimum of six months to attain the tangy, meaty flavor. A little cream is added to the whole milk in the cheese making to retain its touch of creaminess.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening.

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