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When people say they make money `online`, is that true??? :S?

i`ve read lots of sites about people making money online...hows that possible??? has any one tried anything ?

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    There are exactly NO real online jobs. Anywhere. Really..,.

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    Yes, people do make money online in a number of ways:

    fill out surveys

    click on ads

    sell on ebay

    sell on craigslist

    write articles for pay

    sell a gig on Fiverr

    provide a service through freelance work bidding sites like Elance

    Sell their own products via internet marketing or sell other people's products as an affiliate marketer and earn commissions on the sale

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    I tried online surveys for a month or two, and I got a check from 2 of the places for something around $20 each, but I quit cause it's boring as hell and takes a lot of time to get anything. plus, you've got ta sift through all the scams and whatnot. I say, s'not worth it

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    You have to define "make money," but obviously it is true. You can start a business and advertise it online. You can sell products online. You can sell stuff on eBay. All this said, many of the ads you see for "Make money with your computer" are bogus. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

    Currently I have an informational Website for my own business. It helps my business, but nobody has accidentally stumbled across my Website and paid me money.

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    Here's important information about how money is earned online. It's free. How you use the information will set the stage on whether you make money using the internet or not at all.

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