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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRock and Pop · 9 years ago

is my friend a good guitarist?

this is a song that he wrote himself and it's fucing awesome in my opinion i think he's a prodigy.

Youtube thumbnail

his cry baby pedal keeps sticking in a couple parts but it still sounds really kicka$$

this video was made today at my school's talent day. there are more people then just him in the video but i think they suck


he's only a 6th grader and he already writes his own stuff...and that isnt his best stuff he can play almost any system of a down song.

Update 2:

i was in that talent show too but they haven't uploaded that section of the vid yet i was playing heart shaped box and i did god awful at it. it was my first time playing in front of an audience so my dam strumming hand kept shaking and i kept hitting the wrong string(s).

Update 3:

lol that's his face...he's a ginger lol

Update 4:

lol adrian is the name of my friend and that fat kid at the end is his cousin. HAHA

Update 5:

yea now that i watch it it isnt as good as it was live but he can play a lot better than that he just wanted to write a song and be original.

P.S. he only spent three days working on it so that's why it has bad transitions and is real sloppy

Update 6:

i doubt anyone else is even looking at this page anymore but if you watch the vid go to the uploaders page and report the background image. it's my school's page and if they have to get their background image changed then it will be hilarious

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    He's godawful. He has terrible tone, he's sloppy, and his lead breaks are ridiculous. And is he wearing a Michael Myers mask or is that his face?

    You can't blame the pedal for that.

    I give him credit for putting himself out there and for creating his own music (especially considering he's only a sixth grader), but he should really put in some more practice hours before playing in front of people.

    We gingers are an interesting people.

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  • It was sloppy at times, but other than that it was pretty good. Oh, and the flashing pins were annoying.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    haha the singing fat kid who came on at the end was funny :D

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