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violation of the 14th amendment court case us history?

Thompson and her children had been denied state public assistance (welfare) following her move to Connecticut because of a one-year residency requirement. She brought suit against Shapiro, the Welfare Commissioner, in District court. Thompson claimed that the residency requirement impeded her "right to travel," a precedent which was established in the Supreme Court case U.S. v. Guest. She also claimed that this residency requirement was a violation of her rights under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

1.What is the purpose of the one-year residency requirement?

2.If every person in a state is subject to the same requirement, can the equal protection clause be applied in this case?

3.How does the right to travel fit into this case?

4.Is the granting of public assistance (welfare) a state action, or conversely, is the withholding of public assistance a state action?

For each of the following legal scenarios, determine whether the petitioner's 14th Amendment guarantees have been violated. Your response should include each of the following:

1.Legal question:

2.The decision: this is the answer to the legal question described above.

3.The rationale: one-paragraph explanation of the decision. In the rationale, you must cite specific facts which support your decision, including reference to how the 14th Amendment applies.

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    You know... if you posted ONE part of your homework... I might help you with it.

    Posting the ENTIRE assignment.... that's just weak.

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    ... and this is different from a doctor trying to collect a medical bill from me... how? What's this country coming to when a pirate can't even plunder and pillage anymore without first greasing the palm of a pirate? How many justices? All of them. No matter what the interpretation or the precedent, I guarantee you it will always mean somebody gets to profit from my every misfortune and the court system will always be there to enforce it. Until we address that and come up with a system that protects me from pirates assaulting me every time I stub a toe or get a flat tire, I don't care about CVS, Walgreens, land owners or developers. This is a story about a bunch of pirates squabbling over how they're going to split up all the treasures and riches they steal from the rest of us. We're swiftly returning to a feudal system and you're trying to appeal to my sympathy for CVS? Why don't you ask me to make a charitable donation to Walmart while you're at it? This is so far off my radar screen I'm barely able to react to it with anything other than hysterical laughter. As far as I'm concerned, everybody in this story can rot in hell. You want economic justice? How about nationalized healthcare? How about breaking up the federally enforced monopoly and federally enforced profit quota on drugs (which is what 'pays for' the rampant expansionism of CVS & Walgreens)? They're the victims in this? Good lord, what a world.

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    I just have one part to say in this. It can impede travel (residency requirements/wait lists). My son is servery disabled and on a Developmental Disability Waiver list in Indiana but if we move out of state we have to start the wait lift all over again, if they have one at all. This list will be what can help him when we (parents) can no longer take care of him. He will most likely all ways need someone to care for him at least partially and therefore; we cannot move out of state in this regards. So yes these restrictions can impede moving because my son's medical costs are thousands of dollars a month and he needs these services to not have seizures 7-10 daily, to learn to communicate, and to meet his potential to the fullest. But if you are saying food stamps and such it is less of an impediment in that case in my opinion. Even though they may assist the family in a needed area to a mild extent.

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    How lazy can you get? Do your own homework or at least do a better job disguising the fact that you are making zero effort.

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    what do you think we will correct you

    make an effort

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