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What was the impact of World War 2 on Africa?

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    The Germans lost their African territories at the end of WW1 so there was little to fight over in most of Africa. However, in the North, there was a great deal of fighting across Libya and Egypt which are both very large countries.

    Montgomery's Desert Rats and Rommel's Afrika Korps fought over it for a long time and the ground changed hands many times with major battles at Tobruk and El Alamein. The British were supported by Empire troops, Poles and other troops from the occupied European countries and the Germans by Italian troops.

    There was fighting also in Tunisia where British, Americans and Free French fought and beat the Germans and Italians.

    The other main fighting was in the area known as Italian East Africa which was Eritrea, Abyssinia. (now known as Ethiopia) and Somalia. This was between British and Empire troops against Italian troops with a little German and Italian colonial troops. It was a relatively easy victory and was over by 1941.

    In the North, the impact was devastating but inevitable because North Africa was important for the control of the Mediterranean and later as a jumping off point for the invasions of Sicily and Italy.

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