how can i make my black blue infect deck better?

it has

1 Steady Progress

2 Pierce Strider

2 Trigon of Corruption

1 Strandwalker

2 Contagon Clasp

2 Instill Infection

13 Swamp

13 Island

4 Ironclaw Myr

4 Necropede

2 Flensermite

2 Spread the Sickness

2 Core Prowler

2 Blackcleave Goblin

2 Corpse Cur

2 Ichor Rats

2 Plague Stinger

2 Flesh-Eater Imp

2 Scourge Servent

1 Bonehoard

tell me which cards i should add or remove.


it also has

1 Corrupted Conscience

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    An infect deck shouldn't use creatures without infect, unless that creature's ability is really useful (if you're willing to kill your opponent via poison, Pierce Strider won't help you). Also, you should try not to use expensive creatures or removals.

    You should remove:

    Pierce Strider (it won't help you)

    Trigon of Corruption (you can kill creatures with other cards)

    Strandwalker (5 mana for this isn't worth)

    Instill Infection (virulent wound is soo much better)

    Flensermite (Plague Stinger is better)

    Spread the Sickness (you should proliferate and kill creatures with instants)

    Backleave Goblin (if you really want a creature like this, Contagious Nim is better)

    Flesh-Eater Imp and Scourge Servant (too expensive)

    You should add:

    2 more Plague Stinger

    1 or 2 more Contagion Clasp

    1 or 2 more Steady Progress

    4 Inkmoth Nexus

    4 Darkslick Shores

    4 Drowned Catacomb

    4 Mana Leak

    2 or 3Thrummingbird

    2 or 3 Throne of Geth

    3 or 4 Phyrexian Crusader

    2 or 3 Black Sun's Zenith

    2 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (if you can afford)

    3 or 4Virulent Wound

    3 or 4 Go for the Throat/Doom Blade

    2 or 3 Stoic Rebuttal

    3 or 4 Preordain

    You can also consider using:

    Fuel for the Cause

    Corrupted Conscience

    Spell Pierce

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