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So I just started selling avon, got my first shipment and bill doesn't really make sense. I got a invoice, and nothing is broken down like I thought it would be. It just lists the items I ordered (doesn't even say the price) and just says balance due 85.66. I looked at my invoice online and what I ordered, along with the sales tax does not amount to 85.66 but less. even counting the shipping. I also thought my first 2 orders I got 40% off?? I ordered 20 books for campaign 8 and it says I got them free on there?? Just wondering how they calculate their orders??

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  • 10 years ago
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    Okay, your invoice should say 'avon price' 'your cost' 'you earn' and underneath 'balance'. On your first two orders you have to pay a £7.50 registration fee. I dont know were you got the idea of 40% off. You can't order the catalogues for free,but for your first two campaigns your sales leader should give you |the catalogues.

    I am a rep in the UK, I don't know where you are so maybe it would be different for you.

    Good luck and I hope you get it sorted :)

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    5 years ago

    A lot of companies only pay when they are threatened with court action .. unless you chase up your invoices, you may never get paid :-) With a new customer, one good idea is to phone up a few days after sending it, find out who person who is going to authorise payment and ask them if they have received it OK ... and when can you expect it to be paid .. make a note, and a couple of days before the due day, ring them up to confirm ... if it gets paid OK, then next time you can leave them to it .. it to is not paid then you need to chase them immediately (always approach them with the "how can I HELP YOU complete the payment of my invoice" method ..)

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