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How can we get YAHOO! Answers to show us DELETED Q's BEFORE we answer them?

I'm royally p*ssed off! I like this site, but having chosen questions to answer and having taken my time and energy to answer them only to find out when I click SUBMIT that the question has been deleted is most annoying. For the past 3 questions I answered, this was the case and it SUCKS! Do Something About It, Yahoo! Also, while I'm at it, I don't mind being told that spell-check notices my misspellings, but I DO MIND IT when told that I have a lot of punctuation. I use punctuation to clarify my answers. What's happened to our language skills?

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    As far as deleted Q's go, often this is simply a glitch and the questions have NOT BEEN DELETED.

    Either refresh the page after you submit your answer or go back to the first page where you first saw the question and refresh it. In about 99 percent of the time, you will find that the question is still there and your answer has posted. I do agree with you as far as the punctuation robot. "He" is an uneducated nuisance. I was going to say moron but that wouldn't be nice.

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    Yes, it does get a little irritating sometimes when answering a question, especially one that you have really thought about and typed out, then only to see that it has been deleted.

    Unfortunately not much that we or Yahoo can do about this. The question that we were answering was an opened question, but the asker deleted it as we were typing our answers, or the question was reported, thus deleted.

    As for spell check or the punctuation, I have no comment there.

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    There are glitches on here, sometimes when it says this question has been deleted, it's not. I have been experiencing this same issue, save your information and try it again. As far as the spell checker ignore it, it really isn't that big of a deal.

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