Elvis Costello: I'm still trying to get into his music. Any of his songs one into classic rock would like?

Sorry as I've asked this question before. I recognize Costello's talent and really do want to listen to more of his music. Any suggestions for a novice listener, something more traditional than "out there" to start? Links welcome!


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    Hello there! (and thanks, Smoochee.) I should be working but will answer this question, however briefly. (Sorry for no YTs; will add them later.)

    You'd like anything off the first few albums. For some songs others haven't recommended, try Welcome to the Working Week, Less than Zero, Miracle Man, The Beat, Lipstick Vogue, Night Rally, Busy Bodies, (I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea), King Horse, Beyond Belief, The Loved Ones. All are on YT.

    I don't particularly like the Very Best collection -- it relies a bit too heavily on later stuff (She) and weaker stuff (I Wanna Be Loved). Definitely look into the albums My Aim Is True, This Year's Model, Armed Forces, Get Happy!! (more Motown influence), Trust, Imperial Bedroom (more Beatles influence), Blood and Chocolate, and Brutal Youth, as far as the more classic-rock oriented. (Costello's diverse enough though that I could give you album recommendations for classical, jazz, country, and even opera from his catalog, heh.)

    If you want to go "out there" after that, look up Mighty Like a Rose and Goodbye Cruel World, probably Costello's most obscure -- and most difficult -- works.

    You'd also like the recent song National Ransom, though Jimmie Standing in the Rain and some of the others might be a bit more out there.

    Will add more detail if you want after work!

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    Since I cant contribute any better -

    Elvis Costello and the Attractions came out of the London pub rock scene which ran from 1975-1980 approx along with Ian Dury (Kilburn and the High Roads) and Graham Parker and the Rumour. Often playing at the Hope and Anchor (Upper St Islington) which was THE pub to play at.

    *thanks lol

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    Queen Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin AC/DC Van Halen The Who The Beatles Black Sabbath CCR ZZ Top Aerosmith The Rolling Stones The Doors Eagles CSN&Y Rush Yes Fleetwood Mac Deep Purple The Police Genesis Boston Cream Jethro Tull The Kinks Foreigner Steve Miller Band Steppenwolf

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    I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down


    The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes

    New Amsterdam

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    I like his early stuff

    Pump it Up, Watching the Detectives

    (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding

    Oliver's Army

    Accidents Will Happen

    Goon Squad

    Green Shirt

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    Hey! I was at this concert! (the first link is from Golden Gate Park) :-D

    Not a great version of this song... but it's long been a fave.

    Mystery Dance


    Youtube thumbnail


    LOVE the line: I can't do it anymore but I'm not satisfied! Great stuff.

    Another fave is "Veronica" ~ I see Cheetah linked you up to that one.


    Here's a version I like better...


    Youtube thumbnail


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    More information needed

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