Do Aer Lingus use US preclearance in shannon airport?

This summer i am flying from Shannon airport Ireland to JFK with Aer Lingus.Then i am getting a connecting flight to San Francisco with Jet Blue.I am wondering will i be cleared at immigration pre clearance in shannon or will i have to do it in JFK.I am not sure if Aer Lingus uses the pre clearance facility's in Shannon?.Also will my bags be checked through from shannon to San Francisco or will i have to check them in again in JFK.I really hope they are checked through and i can get cleared in Shannon as my layover time is only 1hour 45min and i cant miss my connecting flight, Though i don't see why they would book me on that connecting flight if it couldn't be done? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.i cant see to find any information on the internet.Thanks in advance!

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    Aer Lingus to use U.S. Customs & Border Patrol facilities at Shannon

    Aer Lingus has today confirmed that it has applied to the US Port Director at Shannon Airport to commence using the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) facility for flights from Shannon to New York. The airline will begin using the facility once approval has been received in early May 2010. This will mark the initial trial phase prior to the service being extended to other US routes.

    Aer Lingus Corporate Affairs Director Enda Corneille said of the development, "The introduction of full CBP at Shannon will enable us to offer our Shannon New York customers a much more streamlined service and we look forward to potentially extending the service to other routes later in the year."

    Aer Lingus,

    12 March 2010

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