What do you think of this idea for a television show?

A failed/aspiring documentary film director goes back to his hometown to make a documentary about the California Condor. While he's there he decides to go see the house he grew up in. When shows up to his old house, the guy owning it is the strangest person he has ever met. Imagine a guy who is 6'7" 300lbs, has a beard and extremely long curly hair, wearing a hawaiian shirt and a pair of khaki dress pants with croc sandles, and talks with a lisp. So he gets a tour of the house, and is amazed at what he sees. The man has made some of the most incredible and revolutionary inventions and artwork of the century. Like a working perpetual energy machine (which he made just so he could grow large quantities of marijuana and be completely of the grid), beautiful sculptures, designs for compact jetpacks, extremely high tech computers, etc. weird stuff like that. And his house is completely filled with all sorts of animals (without any cages), rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, maybe a donkey in the backyard, tortoises, a couple of dogs and a ton of cats. And as the story goes on you find out that this guy inherited millions of dollars from his parents (who hated him), and was homeless in Hawaii until his parents and entire family died in a plane accident. So when he got the money he bought a house in Northern California to look for the legendary Sasquatch.

And the episodes just different adventures and problems that the guy runs into through out his life. Like going on Sasquatch expeditions, DEA and police snooping around his house, people trying to steal his inventions, meeting women (now that would be an interesting episode), and just things of that nature.

And i forgot to add the director would end his documentary on the Condors and make it just about this guy.

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    Who would you cast?

    Whats the film style? Documentary? Sitcom? etc.

    Is it a drama? Comedy? Action series?

    What network are you going for? Disney for family? A&E? History?

    Still to many open ended questions. You would NOT want to pitch it quite yet until those questions above are answered and have at LEAST 25 themes/ideas for the first season.

    Overall, its nothing more than just a start - should really dig in deeper and develop the characters more. Unless it was a comedy on fox/abc, or a history show on the history channel or discovery....I probably wouldnt watch.

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