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USA look so perfect for us Europeans and America sounds like a heaven..?

I know this answer could seem stupid but i can't imagine how wonderful would be life in i wrong? i mean i'm italian and we have a society seriously corrupt, rules are not respected and the economy is falling down... why should i be proud of my country?


@Eoalm thankyou but where are you from? maybe your country is going on well...^.^

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  • 9 years ago
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    well, yes, italy has problems. but dont at politics for everything. there is more than it..its the food, its the people who are not in politics who make the country too.

    life in usa is not the best..depends on your social class. people here talk about freedom without even knowing what it the USA we have loads of corruption problems..ppl just dont see it...and the economic is horrible, no centralize health system sucks until you get to college-unless u have a private school education...

    there are good things too..

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  • maher
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    3 years ago

    a million guy can command each and all of the yank forces. No such equivalent exists in Europe. It jogs my memory of China in the process the Han Dynasty. an entire empire became careworn and bowed right down to three nomads. the clarification became that inspite of overwhelming superiority in numbers, the Emperor of China on the time in trouble-free terms as we talk controlled the supplies of a few provinces and the princes of the different areas have been as lots a risk to the Emperor simply by fact the nomads. as a bring about spite of if on paper the mixed forces of Europe have been equivalent to the U. S., the certainly co-ordination and performance of Europe might in trouble-free terms be 50% at superb. seem at how the euro disaster is being dealt with - they are bandaiding Greece. call me whilst Europe can artwork mutually. If a conflict broke out, on the instant American bases interior Europe ought to take action - there are no longer any foreign places bases on American soil. there is a minimum of two American bases interior the united kingdom and a few in Germany.

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  • 9 years ago

    Show me a perfect country and I'll show you a pig with real wings. Remember that even the so called mighty USA has its faults and share of corrupt politicians, they just hide it better than European and African countries.

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  • You'd choose the US over Italy? You gotta be joking. I'm European and the US is very far from being perfect.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because of usa

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