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Fundraising for Japan?

At my high school, there are a few clubs selling things such as paper cranes and paper ducks for a dollar to fundraise for the victims of the Japan earthquake/tsunami.

One of the clubs I'm involved in is called the Japanese Culture of American (JCA), and we still do not have a good idea on how to fundraise for Japan.

Or rather, we don't have any fresh ideas on what we can sell.

So what kind of things would sell really well (and lots of people would like)?

Btw, my school doesn't allow us to sell food :(

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    Another route you could go to raise donations is setting up a group page on a fundraising website.

    So, say you wanted to start a "JCA Students for Japan" group, you could create a group home page, list your group information and then send the page to your family and friends to help raise support.

    Some places you could do that:

    1) First Giving ( is one of the biggest fundraising platforms and for helping you set up your group page, they will only charge 5% of the donations raised (well worth it when you consider you could raise hundreds or thousands)

    2) Empowered ( is a growing fundraising platform that offers all of the tools to help set up a group page, but only take 3.5% of donations raised (and probably offer some social media tools that First Giving doesn't really have)

    If you wanted to do fundraising for Japan online, using a site and creating a home page would be a quick and easy way to do start finding donors quickly.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi, Here our some ideas, some might not be good for what you are doing but some might.

    Okay well you can like Make friendship bracelets/ hemp bracelets, You can like have a big garage sale and get everyone to donate stuff they don't need anymore and all procedes would go to Japan. Thats what my school might do. And have it on like 2 days and each of the days bring in new stuff to encourage people to buy more.

    You can do carwashes, or maybe organize a school dance thats supervised of course and like pay 5 dollars or something like that to get in.

    Hm, im trying to think of ideas,.

    You could also make like you know those livestrong bracelets you could like get blank ones from somewhere and write/paint pray for japan on them or something to do with japan. And like all procedes would go to there.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Bracelets? like friendship bracelets in the colors on Japan's flag or something. Good luck, and I hope you do well in your fundraising! You're doing a great thing.

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