What is Titisee-Neustadt, Deutschland?

I am going to live as an exchange student for a year in Titisee-Neustadt and I was wondering what the weather is like and food and people and clothes basically:) and transportation and stuff like that and any information that you have. Danke!!!

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    I'm a learner and teacher of German and know the Titisee area from a visit to the Black Forest in South West Germany in the early 1970s. Wikipedia has an article on Titisee Neustadt, which is a spa town on lake Titisee:


    The South-Western state of Baden-Württemberg is a beautiful part of the Federal Republic of Germany. I spent the summer semester in 1968 as an exchange student mastering my spoken German and studying German literature at the University of Tübingen near Stuttgart.

    I had a look online and there's plenty of information about Titisee-Neustadt. According to


    Getting there: Train from Freiburg, 2 per hour to Titisee station, 1 per hour to Neustadt. Getting around: Walk or use the local buses. Or hire a bike. Eating: A number of reasonably priced restaurants in Titisee serving traditional Black Forest fare. Also a Chinese restaurant!

    Things to see at Titisee-Neustadt are listed at


    Hiking and skiing seem important there... also cuckoo-clock making!

    My additions: make sure you try Swabian fare such as Spätzle (potato pasta/dumplings) and Schwarzwälderkirschtorte - Black Forest Cherry Cake, made in the Black Forest to a much higher standard than elsewhere. Order extra Schlagsahne (whipped cream!). Be prepared to eat more meat than usual (e.g. Sauerbraten) as German meals feature meats and sausages more than other cuisines. Breakfast is coffee and bread with jam, sometimes a boiled egg, cheese and ham, the latter two also being eaten at the evening meal. The midday meal is the main meal of the day. AS for clothing, bring what is suitable for a moderate continental climate. The weather will depend on when you are coming to Titisee-Neustadt. Days will be warm, but evenings may be cool in summer and it does rain then too.

    Source(s): MA in German, teacher of the language for 25 years. Exchange student at the University of Tübingen during the summer semester 1968.
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    Try asking this in the Travel > Germany section.

    You will probably get more help.

    Or German expat sites.

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