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should i go to the doctor?

k so im 16 and just got back from a trip to costa rica. what everyone or anyone forgot to tell me is to not drink the tap water its not chlorinated, got pretty sick and pissed off. anyways so i drank alot of this water the first 2-3 days cuz i had bad sunburn and wanted to keep myself hydrated, so itl heal right. well i stopped drinking the bad water at day 3 cuz my mom finnally decided to tell me... well for the rest of the 4 days in my trip i had diareah and now iv been back for a good 3-4 days and diareahs gone but i get these bad intestinal cramps and theres this weird white crap in my stools. so im worried i picked up some bad bacteria that needs to be treated. what do u think i should do wait it out a few more days or get it checked right away. my moms a nurse at least she says to wait it out but then again she never takes me to the doctor until things get badd..

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    i would definitely go especially with the symptoms in your stool. if your mom usually waits until something gets bad, i would definitely be one step ahead of her in this instance. just go to your family doctor and he may just give you some steroids to kill the bacteria or some other medication to do it. just take care of yourself, lay low, but I would definitely go to the doctor if it has lasted a few days. there is no reason you should be dealing with all of this. I hope you feel better!

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    How pissed were you, on a scale of one to ten?

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