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Harry Potter Question?

What's the Hufflepuff password?!?

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    It was never given, and even if it was, it probably changed several times (as did all the other passwords around the castle).

    It is interesting to note that all of Gryffindor's passwords were nonsensical sounding (like 'balderdash" or "wattlebird"), all of Dumbledore's were candies (like "acid pops" or "toffee eclairs") and all of Ravenclaw's were riddles. The only one revealed for Slytherin is rather lame and predictable ("pure blood").

    I like to imagine that Hufflepuff's portrait or statue just let's anybody in, seeing as Hufflepuff's "schtick" is that they are loyal and friendly hard workers, so the portrait just assumes that everybody is a nice person and let's them in. But that is in no way supported by the books.

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    I don't think they J.K. Rowling ever told us. Try the Harry Potter wiki.

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    As I recall, all the passwords were frequently changed and were usually fairly arbitrary.

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    Was that ever given?

    I remember Gryffindor had loads, Slytherin's was "Pure Blood", and Ravenclaw was something along the lines of "no end;cirlce, etc"

    I don't think that was ever given...maybe?

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    Jk Rowling never said probably cuz no one ever had a reason to go in there.

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