Are you for or against same sex marriage?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Unfortunately, most people address the question on the basis of their own views of homosexuality. If you have some objection to homosexuality, then you're against same-sex marriage. Otherwise, you're likely to favor allowing it.

    However, in a free society governed by a constitution, the answer is already right in front of us.

    Section 1 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits "any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States" and guarantees "the equal protection of the laws."

    It is clear that a direct reading of those clauses, as well as the precedents set under them

    (see Loving v. Virginia, 1967; Turner v. Safley, 1987; Lawrence v. Texas, 2003; among others),

    require legal recognition of same-sex marriage. If states are going to maintain the legal institution of marriage, and ascribe certain rights, privileges and protections to it, then marriage must be open to all adult citizens, not just those whose marital arrangements fit a narrow and exclusionary definition.

    Simply put, if Man A wants to marry a woman, and Man B wants to marry a man, there is no constitutional basis for declaring that Man A should be afforded this legal privilege while Man B should not. Applying different standards to the two men flies in the face of the 14th Amendment, and the very definition of equal citizenship in a free society.

    In other words, I would say this to opponents of gay marriage. If you love the Constitution, you have only two choices: legal marriage for all, or legal marriage for none.

    Anything else is....well......un-American.

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    hi, >> suited me if i'm incorrect, yet isn't divorce ruining the sanctity of marriage? And the component is??? we additionally are against divorces, or sexual dating outdoors marriage. what's the undertaking??? >> on the grounds that whilst did God no longer condone of gay marriage? i do no longer bear in innovations it ever asserting interior the >> bible that 2 adult males can not get married. I bear in innovations it asserting that 2 adult males can not lay mutually, yet >> that is been a longtime certainty that any homophobic feedback interior the bible have been added by utilising the >> ruler of Rome, Constantine, for specific reason This one is humorous. ought to substantiate the certainty? How did Constantine did to alter the text cloth of manuscripts who have been dated centuries in the past he became born??? Did he have a time device??? relating to the marriage, there's a uncomplicated definition of it: a guy and a woman in Genesis 2. on the grounds that sexual dating are to be executed in a marriage dating and that is forbidden to 2 adult males. It made the marriage forbidden for 2 adult males. >> On a appropriate subject rely, you all comprehend how homosexuality isn't a call, suitable? you comprehend that it is an identical equivocation that we consistently factors to ant you consistently circulate on with, suitable??? The gay want isn't a call, however the gay act is one. all of us have sinful want and are requested to conflict with them. Our want are no longer organic and are not a info of a ingredient being sturdy. we don't say that the gay want is a call, we reported that the gay act is one. So, do you innovations combating this strawman? >> you're responsive to our first modification, suitable? [...] do no longer you notice how stupid it somewhat is? in the adventure that your rules are stupid, it has no longer something to do with the christian faith. >> final question, then we are executed. who're you to disclaim every person happiness? once you're extremely joyful with >> your companion, then why can not 2 adult males be extremely joyful with one yet another? [...] Is it incredibly suitable to disclaim >> every person happiness? i do no longer think of so. ought to you first instruct to us that what you think of is often certainty and sturdy? in case you are able to no longer why do you carry this component? 2nd, that is not any longer happiness that's at stake, yet what's evil or sturdy. If our God exists, homosexuality is evil. And if God would not exists, morality is subjective, so which you will no longer impose yours on us. Regards, Emmanuel

  • 10 years ago

    I think you should be able to be with the one you love forever, why should gays be withheld the benefits of having a stable family and the legal status of a marriage? More importantly why should I, who has no business telling others what to do, tell them they can't live happily ever after too?

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    For same sex it's a beautiful thing, don't you think everyone deserves to fall in love?

  • Justin
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    10 years ago

    i guess for it dont affect my life in any why so why should i care if 2 guys or 2 girls get married

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    10 years ago

    im against organized religion and for equaility of the human species

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    10 years ago

    I was just having this conversation with someone over the weekend! It is not my place to say who should love each other & who shouldn't!

    Love is love & when it comes down to it,that should be ALL that matters!

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    well i went to my neighbours gay guys wedding,

    and if they want it like that well..

    its their business

    but..really if all the world did that.

    .be no bubbies made

    and we all become extinct

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