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what was the aftermath of the U-2 spy plane incident?

this is for a history report i just want the aftermath not the whole thing

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    Though convicted of espionage by the U.S.S.R.'s Military Division of the Supreme Court and sentenced to 10 years' confinement, Powers was held as a prisoner for only 21 months until the U.S. and the Soviet Union agreed to exchange him for Soviet spy Colonel Rudolph Ivanovich Abel.

    On February 10, 1962, the two men walked across the Glienicke Bridge between Berlin and Potsdam, then passed each other silently with a slight nod of their heads.

    After the men were returned to their respective territories, they were put through a series of debriefings, after which it was concluded that no valuable information was divulged.

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    President Eisenhower had to eat crow. Eisenhower assumed that the pilot, Gary Powers, had been killed when the U-2 was shot down. Eisenhower denied that there was a U-2 spy plane. And suddenly, there stood Kruschev wearing a big smile, and the very much alive Gary Powers.

    The incident intensified the mistrust between Eisenhower and Kruschev.

    Both sides went head long into a nuclear arms production race.

    President Kennedy ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. (Exiled Cubans trying to recapture Cuba from Castro.)

    Kruschev ordered Russian Nuclear Missiles to be shipped to Cuba.

    When Kennedy discovered the missiles in Cuba (incidentally by a spy-pland), He confronted Kruschev and on the clock of doom the would was one second until mid-night.

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    Cuban missile crisis which heppened because cuba put nuclear weapons in cuba which russians suplied them because u.s.a. did not want comunal property in the u.s.a. was afraid citizens would own the tech of u.s.a. and be paid what wirk worth.

    also u.s.a. failed to see options for using tactical computers used to guide missiles in silo instead for constutions as computer programs not said using constitutions as computer programs.

    never crossed u.s. mind cuba could have used cuban constution progra instead of nukes.

    Source(s): cuban missile crisis 11 days vid. own suggestions. cold war history of nato
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