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March 19 california earthquake?

My friend told me that someome said there will be a major earthquake on the 19th, anyone believe this?

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    She may have heard something to do with the supermoon on the 19th.There was nonsense in papers saying there was a connection with the Japanese earthquake but scientists have rubbished any claims but silly rumours grow out of nothing.

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    I don't know if I exactly believe it but I am in the middle. Jim Berkland, the geologist who predited the 89 loma prieta earthquake during the world series in SF is predicting that one is coming for California tomorrow on Saturday March 19, 2011. It is juts a prediction but this guy seems pretty legit. The moon will also be going through a perigee on that day, and some believe that it will bring natural disasters around the globe. I don't know how true that is. Last thing...The mayans I believe had their calender split up into phases and during each phase they had predicted whether the earth was going to be active (crazy weather, disaters, etc.) or not. Now here is whats interesting about this. One of the phases that they predicted would be active started I believe on March 9 2011. As they said it would be active, Japan experienced their horrific earthquake two days later. Check the links. People don;t have to believe this but it seems very real, and quite interesting. Whether or not you do, everyone please stay safe.

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    Please comprehend the easy occasion. little doubt recently are susceptible days for seismic events. except that place is due for an earthquake to take place in short mutually as that's not triggered. The earthquakes are by rigidity geared up up over the years at backside of tectonic plates.The great moon or finished moon days are supporting to pull those tectonic plates from out area.whilst pushing stress from interior earth and pulling stress outdoors the earth are extra collectively and whether that's sufficient to strengthen the tectonic plate the probabilities of earthquakes are possible . otherwise no.The sick patents would be stricken by finished moon and new moon days.no longer something will take place to healthy individual on recently. same way whether that's due for an earthquake the placement of moon will play an accelerating place,otherwise this won't create earthquakes.

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    We cannot -- as yet -- predict earthquakes.

    This is a rumor started because of the full moon on the 19th and the moon being closest to earth in 18 years.

    Some people think that will cause earthquakes.

    I doubt it, but it remains to be seen.

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    yes i do. And ive been in a lot of small earthquakes. and no matter how many uve been in, they still scare you. and i live in california so im scared -__-

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    I sold all my belongings and i am prepared to exe pt the future.

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    If that happens, ask your friend for the winning lottery numbers.

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    If leading seismologists don't think so, then, no offense, I doubt your friend does.

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    -Until it Happens - no one knows!

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