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Is Alexandra Wallace, the UCLA WHITE girl who posted racist rhetoric on youtube a liberal?

If you follow the news you'd be familiar with the Alexandra Wallace controversy of spreading and promoting racism. Is she liberal? I know most california people are liberal. I also know some will say she has freedom of speech. Likewise we have freedom of speech to label her as racist and bombard her racist video all over youtube, google, and numerous sites (like it already is the case). We also have freedom of speech to suggest UCLA to expel her and to create online petitions against her. If she has freedom of speech then the reaction to her video also comes under freedom of speech. it works both ways. She gains nationwide unpopularity and her video goes viral. Employer check will expose all of this because internet rants stay online forever. The loss is hers.

Update 2:

also most people who post racist rants online do so under cover of anonymity. She decided to do it while exposing her face, full name, email, phone number and address. Who will hire her now?

Update 3:

even if she changes her name, her SSN never changes. Most employers ask on application, "did you use another name before? if so, what is it?" And while doing background check using SSN former name comes up. This will haunt her forever. I think her career is ruined.

Update 4:

And now this is all public info --


Phone 916-747-8670


Permanent Phone 916-967-4710

Update 5:

asian computer hackers exposed her entire identity online including her permanent address too. Now she is gone underground.

Update 6:

she seeking police protection too. police guarding her house 24/7. All for a 3 minute youtube video. was it worth it?

Update 7:

in latest news she has to skip her final exams too because her safety on campus is at risk. it has 28,000 asians.

Update 8:

Even the Japanese Yakuza who are in Japan have noticed her youtube rant.

Update 9:

Japenese Yakuza is a mafia group in Japan who does organized crime

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    There's no telling what "label" she is as a part of the GOP or the Liberals. This was her own fault in the first place! Agreed that we all have our freedom of speech, but "all men" are created equal. There was no need for this to be honest. There are thousands of Asians within the West coast. All she really needed to do was say "people" in general instead of specifying it toward the Asian race. I agree with her about some of the topics, but not every Asian does that. U C L A could stand for:

    U C Lotsa Asians or University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians (little puns, here & there; for the sake of comic relief)

    But I have to say "the internet is forever." Although the situation will die down, it won't be long forgotten & as you mentioned earlier the Japanese Yakuza are willing to do something about it. She has to go into hiding? This is like the Jessi Slaughter case all over again!

    People these days, if you don't want a controversy amongst other people, don't bother.

    Just make your video & never post it. Her life is permanently tainted with this, there's no doubt about that. But the way she approached the situation in a time where the earthquake & tsunami hit Japan, was not right. Regardless if she was to "study" for her final exams; there's no point to it now, since she might not be able to return to school. I feel sorry for her; I honestly do.

    Families in Asia, however are closely knit; being the reason why they always come visit? I mean, I'm Filipino & my grandmother stays in my house for 5 months cooking, cleaning, etc. Not because we "can't fend for ourselves" but because we care. You get what I'm saying? Another little, "teehee" moment is that if Asians can't fend for themselves, what is there without martial arts? There are thousands of reason as to why I'm defending the Asian race with this, but all I really have to do is shake my head & hope for the best for her. There's nothing more to do in the situation she put herself into.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    japanese yakuza put a bounty on her head. she can't step on UCLA campus because there are so many violent and death threats against her. Her final exams cannot be taken said UCLA. She has to go to another school too. She's just stupid. if you use youtube for racist rants, you'd be blown away in no time

  • laci
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    4 years ago

    She became the single that chosen to make a video of herself making a daft rant approximately Asian scholars. She became the single that published it to Youtube. She made her own mattress now she has to lie in it. purely because of the fact she's blonde and has superb **** does no longer mean she merits specific scientific care. She ought to persist with for a job at FOX information, that they had in all possibility hire her in a 2d.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Nah what she sound like from Fox news and she should not post her video at all.

    BTW really? Japanese Yakuza knows this? can u give me the link to it?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Push it too far, and you will get blowback. If she is hurt, you will see some rather nasty retaliation on the community that hurt her. Life is not a vacuum.

  • 10 years ago

    I have to assume that she is, judging from her "valley girl" speech which is spiced with typical politically correct innuendos.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes, she is a Lib and the drama will be forgotten.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    azn are in a tizzy

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