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B2U Limited/Vincent UK Limited, Marc Reeves/Peter Reeves/Peter Turner?

Does any body have any information on the companies above or the people listed.

We have judgements outstanding to the tune of £45,000 that they owe us for property transactions that they never completed on through no fault of ours.

The police are investigating for possible fraud and bad business practice, as are other official bodies, .

It would appear from all information received to date that we are only one of many people who are in this situation with several others eleven we know of in Jersey who have either judgements or investigations going on, and who have also lost thousands in transactions with Marc Reeves who was a director only resigning when we took him to court. He is now on police bail while the investigations continue.

There are other cases in Cumbria, Essex and the uk.

Also does any body have information on the addresses we have for him in Rennes '21 rue de La Palestine' or another in Le Bourg, Langourla, Cotes D Armor france, please be aware if you are about to deal with him, be on your gaurd and really read the small print.

You will know him as he drives round in a porsch cayenne in a gold colour or a new white renault traffic van.

He also has several properties on the Isle of Wight along with rental accomadation, shops and soon to take over a pub on the sea front with his other girlfriend but usually stays at his fathers address (The businesses 90% share holder) at Cliffdene cottages the Pitts, Ventnor I.O.W.

Please contact us if you can supply any further information or indeed if you think we could assist you if you are in the same situation as us and many like us.


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    9 years ago
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    Hi I worked for Mark in pontivy he didn't rip me off but he's had a friend of mine he currently lost a case in court against a lady but as far as I'm aware he's not paid, Interpol are now on the case where I hear the bank manager pasqual and avis who sell the alleged houses are currently under investigation, he was actually good to me but he has had a lot of people even mates that I knew of his, the address in Rennes is his home address where his wife and daughters live allegedly he's not with her but I wouldn't believe a word he says

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  • 4 years ago

    Peter Reeves Ltd

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