V Season Finale? Anna's new daughter?

First of all, I hate that I waited so long for V to come back, now it's over. At least 22 episodes would have been better. I wonder how much longer we have to wait for season 3.

The new Lisa ate Tyler. I thought Ty was their only hope, what if the mating didn't work, wont they need Tyler again? Do you think Anna will be angry?

The new Lisa also seems quite feral, even in comparison to Anna. I think she might fight Anna for her eggs. assuming she will be as protective as Anna was over her own eggs. But Anna can't really kill her since she needs her right?

Amy?? First of all, I don't think Ryan is dead and if he is, I am sure Joshua will bring him back to life. If Amy is that powerful, will she not get jealous when Anna shows more "love" towards the new Lisa for following her orders to mate or when Anna is more excited about the offspring from Lisa 2's eggs? She could damage Anna since she is that powerful.

Season 3 will certainly be fascinating. I hate waiting though - what are your thoughts?


Another thing - If Lisa 2.0 had to get Lisa 1.0's memories (Joshua said she only has enough for tonight), wont she expose Lisa and Erica, Joshua etc?

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  • 9 years ago
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    We had a ball with last night's episode this morning.

    First of all, nuLisa seems to be totally and completely vicious, and Anna better watch her back. Second, Amy (Ryan's daughter) seems to have more powers than Anna. Another reason for Anna to watch her back. oldLisa is in the dungeon watching all the emotional interaction on video and probably getting jealous because you could tell last night that she really wanted her mother's love. Another reason for Anna to watch her back.

    Then there will be the jealousy among the three, most notaly between Amy and anyone else.

    Just a note for clarification: we were discussing the fact that Amy's powers are stronger than Anna's. I remember the original "V" and watched both miniseries and part of the series on SyFy when V was coming back on. In the original "V" a young human girl gets pregnant by a "V". Diana finds out and wants the baby for herself (sound familiar?). During a battle Diana realized the Visitors were losing and decided to use a self-destruct on the ship that would annihilate Earth. The little girl (don't remember her name) went to the console, laid hands on it, it glowed and Diana's countdown on the bomb stopped. So apparently hybrids (human/visitor) have some unknown power that I don't think the Visitors are even aware of. And when Diana heard about Ryan's daughter, she questioned that she didn't know a hybrid was possible. But she Did know because she had one in her custody 20+ years ago.

    Just something to make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  • xK
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    9 years ago

    The show, while very popular among fans and critics, is not getting the numbers it needs. (Like every Joss Whedon show, lol.) That's why there are so few episodes per season. It also makes it more like a mini series, similar to the original.

    As far as Tyler's death ... remember when Anna mated, she ate the father. That's what they do, like black widow spiders. So no, she's not going to be mad because that was expected. I suspect V implantation is different from human, so it's probably a guaranteed conception.

    I think Lisa 2 might be a threat to Anna, yes. But I don't think it'll be over eggs. At this point, Lisa 2 is completely void of emotion. I think it's the skin that causes emotion, so the longer it's on, the more emotion comes out - and in the case of Lisa 1, she was faking emotion and then started to feel it. I think Lisa 2 will strive to be a good queen and, if she overthrows Anna, it'll be the same way Anna overthrew Diana: emotion is a weakness and she sees it in her, so she gets rid of her.

    I think Ryan is dead. She suffocated him then broke his neck, and there was no indication that anyone found his body. Humans are more fragile than Vs, so I think it's really dead.

    Anna won't show love toward Lisa 2 because she doesn't love Lisa 2, so Amy won't see anything as suspicious. Amy is the biggest threat right now.

    We still don't know if there will be a season 3 - I hope so, but it's still up in the air.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There was no reason for the breeding plan not to work, so I doubt Tyler would come back, maybe Ryan, but the creator did say he was going to kill off three people in the finale.

    Amy is basically a threat to everyone so yeah, very dangerous.

    Lisa 2.0 may become deadly, but Anna called her perfect, so maybe it wil work out for her. Joshua is screwed, he has no allies on the ship anymore except for Original Lisa and she imprisoned.

    I wonder though if Diana was able to get a pod for Ryan to escape, could Lisa find one.

    Also wonder where the scientist guy went who wasn't even mentioned, why and where Hobbs took off and if they got blissed. And if Chad got blissed wouldn't he just expose Erica? I mean she has no reason to pretend to be on Anna's side anymore, but she does not need a target on her back either.

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  • sara
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    9 years ago

    I watched V too. Also read on sites that it would likely be canceled if they were sure of this they should of wrapped it up instead they left many cliffhangers for us to wonder about. And if they don't cancel it they could always start up again for season 3. This is why I don't like to invest in new shows. I am hoping for a season 3 because they have given us many story lines to get the show moving.

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