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What is the best class in WoW for PVP?

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    9 years ago
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    Are you looking for a PVP realm or just Strictly PVP battles like BG and Arena's?

    Ok you are gonna get a million answers like "Depends on what you like" so I will give this to you fast and loose, and at the end My personal favorite.

    Hunter, High dps and kiting abilites if you can master this class and play style you can dominate almost any class everytime. (Have good armor.)

    If being a little ***** and making people contimplate suicide because you kill them in 2 sec flat then the rouge is you best choice. (Needs skill and paticence.) Highest DPS class pre cata.

    Warlocks are awesome if you like to push Massive dps and fear your opponents. (But the suck in PvP unless you are completly geared.)

    and now for my personal favorite. Mages. I ******* HATED mages. Until I made one. You'll have so many different spells and options for your own play style. Enemy's getting to close? slow him. oh he's getting close again. Polymorph. or Blink. Oh no I am about to die. Not with Ice block. Plus thier DPS is almost unfair.

    Well this is all just my opinion and I was never really one on PvP. ;)

  • Austin
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    9 years ago

    Most people say priests. If you don't feel like playing a priest other people suggest rogues as well.

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