Good songs by FT Island?

What are some good songs by FT Island?

I like flower rock and girls dont know

PS: Is Minhwan in any dramas?

PSS: Will they have a comeback?


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    Omg. FT Island fan too? :DDD

    Kay. I'll try my best to tell you the best songs. .....but I think all their songs are good. XD

    FT Island have very good ballad and sad songs. >w<

    Here are some:

    ~Lovesick [their debut song :DD]

    Youtube thumbnail

    ~Until You Return [the mv is pretty sad. V_V]

    Youtube thumbnail


    ~After Love

    ~Heaven [omg the mv for this song is so sad. T__T I cried XD]

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    ~Bad Women

    ~Because I Don't Know How to Love


    ~A Person Close To Tears


    ~Tears Flowing

    ~Like A Doll

    ~Missing You


    ~Love Love Love (<~ their latest Korean song)

    ~Stop Curing Grief

    ~Soyogi (Japanese)

    ~I Believe Myself (Japanese)

    ~Raining (Japanese)

    More cheerful songs:

    ~FT ISLAND (one of their debut songs)

    ~I Hope

    Youtube thumbnail


    ~Be Happy

    Youtube thumbnail

    ~Loving You

    ~Always Be Mine (this one is in english. :D)

    ~First Kiss (Korean version of Always be mine)

    ~Bing Bing Bing

    ~Live Like A Musical



    ~Marry Me

    ~Reo Reo

    ~You And I

    FT Island has a sub group. ^__^

    They are "FT Triple" which consist Minhwan, Jaejin and Jonghoon. :D

    They have about 4 songs :D

    ~Love Letter (debut one)

    Youtube thumbnail

    ~Far Away

    ~Try Pinching Me

    ~ You Don't Know (God of Study OST)

    PS: Is Minhwan in any dramas?

    >> Yes is was! :DD

    Minhwan was in a drama called, "The Road Home" :D His character is Han Joo Ho. ^^

    PSS: Will they have a comeback?

    >> I'm not sure of they are gonna make a comeback any time soon. Cuz I believe that they are doing tours and were focusing on the Japanese market.

    Those are not all the songs FT Island have. If you have any more questions or you want more song recommendations, you can e-mail me. :D

    Hope this helps!~

    FT Island ♥


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    1 decade ago

    OMG. Fellow FT Island fan. Hello! Haha. The first person who answered pretty much covered everything. I like all FT Island songs but it was LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and ALWAYS BE MINE that made me fall in love. =)

  • 6 years ago

    OMG!!!!!!!! i love ft island, amazing!!!!! the vocalist is so talented. anyways, i really LOVE their song memory and troublemaker!!!!!

    (hongki is bæ)

    Source(s): I'm a huge fan
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