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Dodgers and Angels Question.?

Tomorrow i have a debate on why the dodgers are better then the Angels, so far i got nothing. Please Help ! !

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    How about using history?

    The Dodgers have 21 NL Pennants and 6 World Series titles. The Angles have only one AL Pennant and one WS title.

    The Dodgers are much older (1888 vs. 1961).

    The Dodgers were in LA first (1959 vs. 1961).

    The Dodgers were the FIRST team in MLB to integrate (Jackie Robinson).

    The Dodgers were the first team to broadcast games on TV (1939, in Brooklyn).

    The Dodgers were the first team to use batting helmets (1941).

    The Dodgers hold the record for single-game attendance in baseball- 115,300.

    The Dodgers have kept 'Los Angeles' in their name since 1959- the Angels have been the California Angels, the Los Angeles Angels, the Anaheim Angels, and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

    The Dodgers were the first team to have a Korean player, and the first to have a Taiwainese player.

    The Dodgers' games are called by Vin Scully. I don't even KNOW who calls Angels games.

    The Dodgers have 15 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame- and that's just those who are inducted AS Dodgers, including- Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Don Sutton and the greats from Brooklyn. The Angles have NO players in the HOF (inducted as Angels). Heck, the Expos have THREE, and they don't exist anymore, AND were the laughingstock of baseball near the end there.

    The Dodgers left Brooklyn 60 YEARS AGO and people are STILL incredibly sore. If the Angels left LA, would anyone notice?

    The Dodgers have four MVP winners- that's only counting in LA, mind you. The Angels have two.

    The Dodgers have six Cy Young winners (including Koufax, who won three times). The Angles have two.

    The Dodgers have Alyssa Milano as a fan. Nice.

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    go to get both team rosters up - compare the two teams by position by batting average and other batting stats, and e.r.a. and wins vs. losses for pitchers.

    by looking at team totals, you'll see the Dodgers have picked up their game in the last couple years, and the Angels have been the more successful and dominant team in a lot of the years before that, but overall, the Dodgers have been in existence longer and they were a good winning team for many more years overall than the Angels.

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    Dodgers fan for existence. i think of i actually dislike the Angels because of the fact of plenty of their followers, they are so caught up and clueless. they only became followers as quickly as they won the worldwide sequence some years in the past, now probable Rays followers

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    Well the Brooklyn dodgers of los angles are as good as the anaheim angles

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    You should ask yourself if you truly are set on you having by a debate

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