UPSET OR NOT: Would've Clear Favorite MICHAEL MOORER "Got Roughed Up" by Awkward, Sneaky, Physical, JOHN RUIZ?

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    The one thing Ruiz had going for him (If you can call it going for him) was hr could make the best fighter look awkward because of his awkward style of fighting, There isn't one Ruiz fight where a boxing fan would say "That guy can really box" Horrible, Horrible style. Moorer was the much better polished fighter as we both know and as I'm sure you know, Mike let his emotions get the best of him in the ring. Perfect example is the Foreman fight. The kid wore his emotions on his sleeve. Great when he's with his wife both terrible when with a fighter.

    The fight would be a bad pick for Moorer. His Emotions would get in the way and he wouldn't stick to any type of game plan once Ruiz started holding and clubbing Mike behind his ear. Mikes Southpaw style would have little or no effect on Ruiz once he grabbed Mike and started to push him backwards. I don't feel Ruiz possessed the power to knock out Mike, but I'm of the opinion that he would take Moorer out his comfort zone and win a ugly decision.

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    IMO, no.Moorer might have had problems staying motivated, but his right jab would have connected time and time again against Ruiz who would have been trying to get close to clinch and hold on. Moorer by either late round TKO or UD.

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