why is there an Electric car dilemma?

Okay, so i found the answer on how to amplify amperage. why then cannot we make an electric car that recharges solarly and uses a smaller battery? The only reason the battery has to be that huge is because of the amperage needed, right?


I know about needing more power therefore bigger battery. But, for example take the old Sheridan Tank. It entered into service In 1967. It was was powered by 4 24 volt batteries tied in a parallel series. The turret took in that voltage into the 80lb motor-generator tied into the accessory box and into to "amp integrator" and churned out over 120 volts. The turret weighed over 3 tons, and yes you have variables like gear ratio. That was the 60's. Enter 1981 and the M2 Bradley. Sorta the same set up, only smaller and better organized equipment. Gear box is smaller, the TDB takes the place of the amp integrator and accessory box..etc. And yes it takes power to make power. Utilize solar energy. But my point is, if you can take Vietnam era technology, scale it down and improve on it, you get a 1980's Bradley turret system. With accounting gear ratio for resistance from almost 3.5 tons of metal and weaponry, redesign and use today's technology to create a silicon "motor-generator" to ampli

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    Perhaps you need to more clearly restate the question. What is the "dilemma" you are referring to?

    Power is the capacity to do some work. It is measured in Watts. (amps x volts = watts) An ultra-capacitor has a great deal of power density as it can quickly apply its stored energy to do a certain amount of work. It is the reason why we use capacitors to start motors. Lead Acid starting batteries are also designed for power. Hybrid power plants (like your tanks) don't need to store energy in batteries. Their batteries should concentrate on having a higher power density. The batteries in a hybrid are there primarily to help smooth out power fluctuations.

    But from the batteries in a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) we want a higher energy density. The capacity to charge and discharge is secondary to the ability to hold a lot of charge (energy). This is because we need battery electric vehicles to go far. These batteries are used to store the energy necessary for locomotion. This requirement is different than hybrid vehicles that have petrol or gasoline engines where on board energy storage is primarily in those more energy dense fuels. BEV batteries need to hold more KW-hrs (not just amps.)


    Energy is measured in Watt-hours (watts x hours = W-hrs; 1000 watts = 1 kw) Some batteries are measured in ampere - hours (or MA-hrs) but there is an assumption of a constant voltage so we can convert this to Watt hours easily enough.

    On DC motors changing the voltage controls the motor speed. In electronics we change voltage and amperage all the time using transformers. What should remain relative constant is the wattage.

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    Yes a car that is indirectly powered by coal requiring multiple energy conversions (heat - pressure - kinetic energy - electricity - electricity stored in battery - magnetic force - kinetic energy) is going to have a far more efficient conversion of energy than a car which runs on oil. Oil going from (Oil - Heat+Pressure - kinetic energy).

    Seems a fantastically efficient way to power a car, and why would you not want a vehicle with a range of only 50 Km, it is not as if cars are needed for transport or anything.

    Source(s): Being Ironic. Edit: Cambelp are you sure on that watt - horsepower conversion? Are you sure it isn't 74.6? A 100 horsepower engine would not have a power output of 746 KW, otherwise most sportscars would be 30-50 Horsepower engines. Edit 2: checked that 100 Horsepower is 74.6 KW, to get W multiply Horsepower X 0.746
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    You don't need to know details like amplify and amperage to calculate that an electric car needs a big battery. You only need to know energy and power. Power is rate of using energy. Power is measured in watts. Watts is not just for electric power either, you can measure any kind of power in watts. For example one horsepower is 746 watts. So a 100 hp car engine is a 746,000 watt engine. Obviously it takes a BIG battery to produce 746,000 watts for more than a few minutes.

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    You are forgetting friction .

    A lighthouse lamp weighing several tons is moved by a little battery simply because it is floating on a bed of mercury and the slightest push will have it move.

    for the records above.

    By the way Under the bridge the conversion was correct; you are forgetting the factors in the calculation 1HP =7.45706 x10 ^ 2 which is approx 746 watts.

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    they need lots of power (amps * volts). the batteries need to be huge so the cars have a decent range, i.e. 100 miles instead of 50 miles per charge.

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    because car companies hate electric cars, along with the oil companies. we had electric cars back in 1990, but because they used no gas and were very cheap to maintain, no oil chang etc, car companies dont make as much money off em. so basically they are changing over to electric as slowly as possibly so they maintain as much profit as possible.

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    You need some physics lessons.

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