why is my heating bill so freakin' high?

We have all new windows, we have the heating programmed to turn down to 67 when we are at work and then to 70 when we are home and then down to 68 when we are sleeping. I just don't understand why a two bedroom (kitc,din,frntrm,bthrm,fulbsmnt(not heated) is costing so much to heat. I need help with what to try to do over the summer so next winter we aren't broke from paying nipsco. Could the programming of it all be the issue?

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    two things one ck the delivery charge on your bill if you live in upstate ny you will be shocked. second the system your running may need to be serviced. If its an oil system then it may need to be cleaned. a dirty oil system can drop as much as 50% in efficiency. third ck the insulation in the house the walls the attic and even the floor. adding any r value will help. forth if you cked all of this then go back to the heating system. something could be wrong with the delivery of the heat(ductwork or hotwater piping). have a tech ck it out( someone you trust) I have been a hvac tech for ten years and there are some pretty shady people out there. most things can be fix but they want you to buy new. sometimes though the system could just be old an was never built to be efficient. In this case if you can afford it replace with high efficient. You'll save down the road. and if you plan on staying there for awhile go with the highest efficiency you can get. good luck

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    The few degrees that you're saving doesn't account for much difference in your heating bill. If you're still using a lot of fuel then it's time to have your heating system cleaned and evaluated for proficiency. If you have electric heat there isn't much you can do but lower the temps even more when you aren't going to be home for extended periods of time.

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    Ask the company that provides your heat to send out someone to give you an analysis of why your bill is so high.

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    Have you looked at your insulation? over your head? in the walls? have you checked your doors for air leaks...got an ac unit in the wall?

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