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Should the US national hockey team just stick to playing against teams they can beat easily?

Or does our team have the potential to become a better hockey team in the future, and possibly win a third gold medal, a World Junior, a World Championship, or another World Cup, or anything of that nature at least one more time? Wouldn't it make more sense to play games you can win more easily for a few years?


American hockey players don't get much respect, especially when competing internationally. I understand hockey isn't terribly popular in the US, but it's getting more popular at a steady pace.

It really should be how much the players love the sport, and badly they want to win. But we do indeed have some areas to fix up to make our current talent pool a bit more manageable.

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    I think we as a country we can definitely do better in the Olympics at the pro level at least. before last year (2006), the team was full of the veterans of the NHL. this isn't a bad thing but they were all old and couldn't keep up to other countries such as canada because they were full of all the young talent. last year(2010) was the first year that the U.S. caught on and filled our roster with young guns like patrick Kane, eric johnson, Paul Stastny, Zach Parise, and david Backes just to name a few. this has become the latest trend in Olympic hockey; to have young kids that are very skilled,fast, and fresh. since it was only our first year of adapting to the new trend, i think we can get better in the Olympics each year as we keep getting more and more young, American,very skilled players in the NHL. hopefully we will bring home gold in 2014! does this answer your Q?

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    Playing against better teams will only make you better.

    Where's the challenge in playing against a team you could beat easily?

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    How do you get better if you only play teams you can easily beat?

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