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Is down syndrome a mutation?

please tell me its for my biology work and i want to work on down syndrome.

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    Down Syndrome is Not a mutation at all. It's a Developmental Disability and it's a genetic and chromosomal disorder caused when there are 2 sets of the 21st chromosome. Down Syndrome occurs 1 in 200 births, usually from woman either in their early 20s or late 40s. Down Syndrome is caused when there are two sets of the 21st chromosome. Down Syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromosome in the human body. We all have 20 chromosomes, people with Down Syndrome have 21 chromosomes. People with Down Syndrome need a Lot of Love, care, joy, and especially acceptance for having Down Syndrome, and of course inclusion into the community. People with Down Syndrome are people too. People with Down Syndrome are No different than from anyone else. They're the same as you and I. Don't be surprised about their many Great talents. They're the exact same as everyone else's. Please accept and include people with Down Syndrome for who they really are. They and I, are People First. I for one, have Down Syndrome. I'm a self Advocate for the National Down Syndrome Congress Self Advocates Council and the National Down Syndrome Society. I have a young cousin with Down Syndrome and a very sweet and wonderful girlfriend with Down Syndrome, which I very Strongly support very, very much.

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    "please tell me its for my biology work and i want to work on down syndrome." -- What ever happened to initiative?? Why didn't you just Google this question??

    "Is down syndrome a mutation?" -- Yes, Down syndrome is a mutation and the specific type of mutation is called non-disjunction. It's a syndrome that involves an extra copy of chromosome 21. Down is also sometimes called trisomy 21 because instead of 2 copies of chromosome 21 there are 3. "Tri" means 3. Disjunction is a type of mutation and all mutation are anomalies (deviations from the norm).

    @ "mswnana": Yes, it IS known what causes Down. Disjunction with subsequent extra copy of 21. What isn't known is WHY this disjunction occurs.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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    not really. as far as i know, mutation is a change in the DNA. down syndrome is caused by nondisjunction, which divides 4 chromosomes (of 21st pair) into 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 2 during meiosis.

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    Yes a genetic mutation

    Source(s): I take ap bio
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    It is not known what causes Down Syndrome.

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    it's a chromosomal anomaly.

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