what is sicily's climate?

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    Sicily, like much of the surrounding area, has a Temperate or Mesothermal Climate. This particular climate group is broken down into sub-groups and the particular sub-group of Sicily is Mediterranean or Dry Summer Subtropical (same thing, two names).

    These climate types have moderate temperatures during the winter months and comparatively high levels of rainfall. The weather can be changeable with quite different conditions developing in just a few hours.

    By contrast the summer months are hot and dry, temperatures typically being in the 30’s and sometimes reaching into the 40’s. There can be long periods with very little rainfall.

    The summer months also see settled weather, this is a result of subtropical high-pressure systems becoming firmly established.

    Sicily, being an island, has very low continentality and it’s climate is influenced by it’s proximity to the Mediterranean. This moderates the temperatures, the result being that Sicily can be a few degrees warmer in winter, and a few degrees cooler in summer than, for example, nearby places on the Italian mainland.

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