Guitar Tapping patterns?

Alright, is there any specific patterns for tapping that keep in key? like How many frets between tapping fingers n stuff? im pretty advanced and im trying to lay out a map in my head, i have all the scales/shapes/forms and boxes down. And i just want to be able to improve good sounding tapping licks off the top of my head, i can do it with shredding scales and string skipping/ sweeping. but i can figure out the tapping one cause the difference between strings, etc. any help?

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    9 years ago
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    It doesn't sound like you're very advanced.

    If you were, you'd know which notes were which all along the guitar neck. You'd also know what notes were in what chords, scales, etc. If you knew all that, you'd know which frets to tap (because you'd know what notes they were).

    Sounds to me like it's about time you actually learned how to be a musician instead of just mindlessly crapping out a bunch of scale shapes you've memorized. Memorizing some stupid shape is not learning music. A shape is meaningless. Learn WHY a certain shape is a Phrygian scale, or WHY the notes G Bb D and F make a Gm7 chord. know, learn music

    If you actually want to learn music, e-mail me.

  • 4 years ago

    slowing practice strum tap strum tap strum tap strum tap strum tap over and over it may help

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