Favorite & least favorite names {off this list}?

Please pick your favorite boy combination & your favorite girl combination from the list below then pick your least favorite boy combination & your least favorite girl combination, if you explain why it'll give you a better chance of receiving best answer. :)

I'm not really looking for suggestions to change the names in any way.


Juliette Ivy

Evangeline Lila

Rosalie Iris or Rosalie Gwyneth

Arabella Kate

Liliana Scarlett


Rowan Thomas

Asher Jude

Elliot Cole

Oliver Heath

Nolan Alexander

Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Best Answer

    My favorites : Juliet Ivy, because they both fairly unpopular and classy, but not dated or unfamiliar, people still know how to say them with hesitation. I think most people find both names to be respectable and intelligent :)

    Nolan Alexander, because Nolan is an under-appreciated GEM. It is handsome and regal without being dated or "old sounding". and Alexander, well, you can never go wrong with Alexander, it is the epitome of class and sophistication :)

    Least favorites : Arabella Kate, I just have never been a fan of Arabella, it seems "tryndee" and low class to me, kind of like a cheesy knock-off of Anabella. Kate is pretty, but a typical filler.

    Rowan Thomas, although I adore the name Thomas, I quite dislike Rowan not really sure why, I just don't like the sound or look of it for some reason.

    Good luck

  • Boys Favorite: Elliot Cole

    Boys Least Favorite: Asher Jude

    Girls Favorite: Juliette Ivy

    Girls Least Favorite: Liliana Scarlett

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    1] Rosalie Iris

    2] Asher Jude

    Least Favorites:

    1] Liliana Scarlett

    2] Nolan Alexander

  • Fav: Rosalie Gwyneth & Nolan Alexander

    I also like Juliette & Evangeline also Asher Jude

    Least: Arabella Kate & Rowan Thomas


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  • 9 years ago

    Favorites ~ Rosalie Gwyneth & Asher Jude.

    -- Rosalie is adorable and has always been a favorite of mine. I LOVE Iris too, but with Rosalie, the whole combo is a little too "floral" (Rose & Iris), so I went with Gwyneth. Rosalie Gwyneth is perfect! Great flow and fantastic, uncommon yet not unheard of names. From that list, the only one I don't particularly care for really is Juliette, but even that one isn't bad. I'm particularly fond of Ivy, Evangeline, Kate & Scarlett though!

    Asher has been a long time favorite of mine for boys as well. It's adorable, handsome and quite spunky! And, while it's not widely used it's well-known and gets a great response from the general public. Jude, although not a favorite, is a nice, simple name that works well here too. My second favorite combo would definitely be Rowan Thomas. I love both names, but I didn't choose it for the top name because I love Asher more. I also really like Elliot (though I prefer it with two Ts) and Alexander.

    Least Favorites ~ Juliette Ivy & Oliver Heath.

    Juliette / Juliet has always seemed a bit stuffy and melodramatic to me. It has a sort of pretentious, my-parents-read-Shakespeare feel to it, lol. I'm not a big fan of Jul- names in general, however. And I still LOVE Ivy!

    Oliver is, to me, a wimpy, sort of "in" name right now that lacks any real substance. I also hate the 'olives' connection and wouldn't personally want my name associated with that, which leads to me to think that any little boy wouldn't really like it either. Heath just isn't too nice of a sound to me. It also looks like the word "Health" misspelled.

    Overall you have great taste! :)

  • Girls:

    Favorite- Liliana Scarlett, I think it has a nice flow to it. And it sounds very pretty. It has a nickname or two that can come out of it, Lily, or ana. It's cute.

    Least favorite- Arabella Kate. I think it's cute, but it seems made up, and trendy. i can't see it aging well.


    Favorite: Elliot Cole- It's adorable, and a nickname could be Eli. This was definitely a hard pick. I wanted to pick Rowan Thomas, but Rowan is my son's name, and I tend to be a little greedy with it. Although the Spelling is a bit different. It is an adorable name, and Thomas is a great nickname.

    Least favorite: Asher Jude. It's kind of cute, but I just don't like it very much. However, I do think Oliver Jude is an ADORABLE name.

    But, overall, none of the name are just terrible. They are all pretty good.

  • Bree
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I love all your names, it's so hard to chose.

    Girl: Liliana Scarlett. It just flows beautifully and both names are so elegant.

    Rosalie Iris is a close second.

    Boy: Elliot Cole. It also flos very nicely and it's very manly :)

    I also love Asher Jude.

    Least favourite Girl: Evangeline Lila. I've never been the biggest fan of the name Evangeline, it just doesn't have an appeal to me. I love Lila but I don't feel the name flows as nicely as the others.

    Least favourite Boy: Nolan Alexander. I don't like the name Nolan much. That's all there is to it :)

  • 9 years ago

    Rosalie Iris

    I know people say it's just because of Twilight and its a fad and everything but honestly I just LOVE the name Rosalie. I think it would work well on a girl or a lady. The nick name Rosie is adorable and so suitable for a little girl. I have always liked Iris as a middle name, not as a first name though. The names really do flow well though, and I like the sound when said aloud.

    Elliot Cole

    I LOVE Elliot. It's definitely up there on my list and might even be my favorite at the moment (it changes...a lot). I'm not HUGE on Cole, but it does work nicely with Elliot. I mainly chose this one because I love Elliot that much, haha. :) I also really like Rowan Thomas.

    My least favorites would have to be Evangeline Lila and Oliver Heath. The thing is, I actually really like these names, You just have a really nice list so it's hard to choose a least favorite. I'm not huge on Evangeline as a first name. It's just a little much in my opinion, and I don't really like any nick names I can think of for it, so I think it's better to make names like that a middle name. I love Lila though. As for Oliver Heath, neither of the names REALLY stand out to me. They're both cute, but nothing that makes me look at it twice if you know what I mean.

    You have really great lists overall!

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Juliette Ivy

    Rosalie Iris

    Arabella Kate

    Rowan Thomas

    Asher Jude

    Elliot Cole

    Oliver Heath

    My favorites for each gender are Rosalie Iris and Asher Jude.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Favorite Girl: Juliette Ivy

    Least favorite Girl: Evangeline Lila- I'm not a huge fan of Lila, I prefer Lily or Layla/L

    Favorite Boy: Asher Jude- this is really handsome!!

    Least favorite boy: Nolan Alexander- I love Nolan and Alexander, but for some reason not together. I like Nolan James or Nolan Rhys/Reese

  • 9 years ago

    Favorite: Rosalie Gwyneth.

    I'm not at all fond of the name Rosalie (I do love Gwyneth though), but good golly, this is a GORGEOUS name. It's an unusual pairing, as both names are not at all common. I've always gotten that mystical, fantasy-like feeling from both names. This is a beautiful pairing; love it, love it, love it!

    Favorite: Rowan Thomas.

    I like the name Rowan, it's very majestic and strong. Thomas has never been a favorite of mine, but it's class compliments Rowan's edge quite well. There's a balance in this combination, very handsome indeed! The flow is decent, not the best, I must say, but there is a pretty good flow. I really like this one!

    * ~ * ~ *

    Least Favorite: Rosalie Iris / Evangeline Lila.

    I love the name Iris; not only is it one of my favorite flowers, but it's also a gorgeous name. However, keeping in mind that Rosalie is a variant of the name "Rose" and Iris is a flower/nature name, I think it's a bit too flowery. I try to avoid putting two flower names together; I think it's tacky (i.e. Lily Rose). As for Evangeline Lila, I ADORE both names, but the ending clashes "line Li la" - too many L's squished together. "Lila Evangeline" has a better flow.

    Least Favorite: Elliot Cole.

    I dislike the name Cole; I just don't see the appeal at all. Elliot is a very handsome name, not my favorite, but I find it quite respectable. The flow isn't so smooth in this combination though, since the 't' in Elliot clashes with the 'c' in Cole. I actually think if you switch Asher and Elliot's middle names, they provide with better combinations (LOVE Elliot Jude; and Asher Cole isn't too bad either).

    Hope this helps! :)

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