i have been offered a place at University for adult nursing.?

Could someone help me by suggesting some good books which will be helpful for my studies please and where can i find those books?

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    9 years ago
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    If this is your first degree, you probably would benefit most by an in depth study of anatomy. Knowledge of how all the systems in the body function and interact is essential to any aspect of medical practice.Gray's Anatomy (the book, not the TV show) about $40 on Amazon

    My second suggestion may sound weird, but, if you are not already an athlete, I would suggest beginning a regular fitness routine for yourself. Any practice of medicine is actually grueling and having strength and stamina will enable you to A) keep up with the YES grueling, tedious time you will be spending SITTING and studying - remember how they tell us the importance of balance in our lives? It is especially true when your professional focus in the care and well-being of others.

    Third, develop and maintain a strong spiritual life: whether that is affiliation with a formal religion, or regular attendance at plays or concerts (classical and/ formal music seems to work best, but no music is bad) or playing an instrument or singing or painting or dance or crochet or tai chi or yoga or mediation or journaling or juggling or kite flying or gardening -something that refreshes YOUR spirit. Again the reason is the need to create balance in your life.

    The next book I would recommend is psychology - any basic text to start with -the library is a good source to research and browse before you add a book to your study list. $0 at the library

    If by adult nursing, you mean seniors, I would suggest looking at Dr Seuss - Oh the Places We've Been - it may not make sense to you this minute, but it will as you proceed. $ 0 at the library

    Next, Claudia Osborn, Over My Head, which is the story of how this physician dealt with her moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. Nursing often deals with adults in transition from fitness to lack of it and hopefully back to fitness or an acceptance of the altered status. This book deals with such a process and unfortunately TBI is a large and growing disability. $10 used,with shipping from Amazon

    My last suggestion is a set of books: Alcoholics Anonymous, (at least the first 164 pages and some of the stories , Overeaters Anonymous, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions ( AA's version or OA's - at an open meeting each of these would be about $10 or under)

    (the purchase sources are just arbitrary - the library is always free)

    The last book is How the Jester Lost His Jingle by Maurice Saltzman. This book crossed my path a few years ago and i found it had a very good influence on my head.

    I wish you a wonderful course of study and a heart-warming career of healing.

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