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Russian last name Uraine?

Anyone ever hear of the last name Uraine?

My dad's family is Russian, and I found out the my great-grandmother's last name was Uraine.

Does anyone know more about where this name is from or what it means? Seems like a variant of Ukraine and was wondering if it's Ukrainian or of another Slavic county origin.


My great-grandmother's first name was Vera.

I don't think she was Armenian since my dad's family all came from Russia. My great grand parents moved here mid 1910's from Moscow.

My last name is Shubin and I knew that's Russian and the meaning already. But I had never heard Uraine. Spelling can definitely be different since it's not an English name.

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    It is neither Russian nor Ukrainian. I tried to find tis word in Russian Internet (i mean in Russian language). They give links on Armenian sites, forums etc. I also tried to track if anybody has this name (just to confirm that this name exists because very often last names have connection with names of ancestors). And I found mention about 1 person, his name was Urain (Юраин) and patronymic also looked Armenian (Urain Rubinovich). That is why I think your great-grandmother's last name has Armenian origin.

    I didn't find anything else. May be you should ask somebody who speaks Armenian and can find information in Armenian language.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I'm native Russian.
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    Hi Christiana! If it's your real name on your avatar it's 100% Russian. "Shuba" means a "fur-coat" in Russian. As for your great-grandmother's family name it's Russian if it's "Юран" (rather "Yuran" than "Uraine") derived from first name "Юрий"/Yury (like in "Yury Gagarin :) )

    By the way, there are other forms of this particular family name in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland. For example, Yurichev, Yurov, Yurin (Russia); Yushchenko (the guy with this family name was the president of the Ukraine); Yuhnovich, Yushkevich (Belorussia, Poland) and many others.

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    Such last name does not look like a last name from Russia or Ukraine. What was the first name of your great-grandmother?

    Source(s): Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker
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