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Where can I find historical stock price data for both an individual company and an index?

For example, the stock price data for Procter and Gamble from 1957 to 1967 compared with the S&P 500 from that time. Where is a good place to get this data?


Also, yahoo finance only keeps data from 1970 onwards so please only include databases that go back further to at least 1957.

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    The historic print-outs for the S & P index are in fact available from Yahoo Finance right back to 1950. But finding historical prices for individual stocks before 1970 is a challenge. I give you a summary site with links to various websites and you probably have to check each one separate:^GSPC;_ylt=A0oGdX9WOIBNCH...

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    In yahoo finance you enter a quote code after which you click into historic costs, in that website on the backside you will a hyperlink that asserts "acquire to a spreadsheet". it is an somewhat functional gadget for me, i'm hoping it is going to artwork for you.

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    Your local library.

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