can i obtain a state id with work permit as proof of eligibility to stay here?

i recently got my work permit and i plan on going to get a ssn tomorrow.I wanna know if i can get a state id now?Since my work permit and passport is my only form of id.


i plan on taking my passport unexpired and marriage license and any mail i recieved but i see they want green card as well but mines haven't arrived yet i have my interview next month.I live in Arkansas by the way.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, you can get a state ID once you get your SS card. Work permit and passport should be enough for ID. You will most likely have to prove residence too. You can bring something that was mailed to you from the USCIS to prove residence.

    Check the DMV (or whatever it's called where you live) website for your state to see what documentation is required.

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    The DMV have an scale of points for different kind of document, you should find out in the state and county where you are gonna go.

    The passport can be used, your EAD too and credit and debit card with and without pic(different points), birth certificate etc.

    Go to the DMV of your city and look for the list and birng all that you have

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    Why would you need any additional ID? you have enough proof of ID already. It would be up to the state you are in whether you can obtain an additional ID or not.

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    If you have an EAD and your passport, you can get a SSN (and card). With it, you can get a state ID or driver license.

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