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What is the best kitchen knife set?

by knife set i mean like a Chef's knife set. money is not a big deal i can go up to $1,000.00

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    Buying a good set of knives is a complex question to answer and depends of factors like your budget, cooking experience and current knife skill.

    Since you have up to $1,000 budget is not really an issue for you, but spending wisely is.

    In my time as a chef 30+ years working in Europe and the USA I have tried many makes a different qualities of knife.

    The most used knife of any chef will be his/her cook's knife, an all purpose knife with a 24cm-28cm blade. This knife is used for slicing, dicing and chopping and in some cases cleaving through chicken or other small bones. If you want your cook's knife to be capable of this you need a heavier cook's knife and then the technic is to use the heel of the knife (the part of the blade closest to the handle).

    Whether you choose heavy or light, all good knives should be balanced (in other words the blade should be the same weight approximately as the handle). Japanese knives tend to be lighter and not suitable for cleaving but will generally stay sharper longer.

    Don't go and blow your $1,000 on a brand you don't know, but buy one knife and live with it for a while and see if it suits your needs. Equally important is learning how to sharpen your knives, because even expensive knives get blunt. Another thing to consider is what type of chopping board, plastic cutting boards blunt knives quicker than a hard wood one.

    I have written several blog posts on knives that you should find useful.

    If you don't need the knives ASAP then try going to a foodie events or catering trade shows in your area so you can see, feel and try before you buy. Remember a good knife may last you for 20-30 years so take your time to make the right choice.

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    Cutco!! They are pricy but they have a forever lifetime guarantee. They are the best

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  • 7 years ago best you can get for your price range

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