Can You get Surgery to make your eyes Look Asian?

I really like the Asian eyes. I was just wondering if there was a surgery you can do to get your eyes to look like that or not. Like the Japanese eyes. Not saying I'm going to run out and do it, just asking if there is a surgery to change American eyes to Asian looking eyes.
Update: The reason why I like Asian eyes shouldn't matter to you all. I like them, that's all that matters. And because I think Caucasian eyes are ugly is because it makes them look like creepy *** bugs. I like Asian eyes. End of story because they are cute and I love Asian cultures.
Update 2: I-D-G-A-F: Screw off jerk, if you knew how to read properly I specifically said IN MY QUESTIOND I WASN'T GOING TO RUN OUT AND GET THE SURGERY I WAS JUST WONDERING IF IT EXISTED!!!! God you're stupid.
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