Potty Training: Questionnaire?

1. How old was your child when he/she was potty trained? (If you HAVEN'T potty trained your child yet: At what age are you planning on potty training him/her?)

2. What do I need to gather or buy for when my child starts potty training?

3. What are some fun Potty training books, videos, games or songs that you know of?

4. How did you/ How are you going teach your child that body parts are private when potty training is such a public thing?

5. Pull Ups: Did you use them for your toddler? Why or why not? (If you HAVEN'T potty trained your child yet- are you/are you not going to use them and why?)

6. "No Pants" Training Method: Did you use this method when potty training your child? Did it work or was it too much hassle? (If you HAVEN'T potty trained your child yet- Are you going to try the "No Pants" Training Method?)

7. Parents with boys: What tricks or tips did you use to help improve your child's aim? (I've heard of using blue food coloring in the toilet and when he aims correctly it will change the water green)


For those confused by question # 4: Potty training is the first step in teaching a child that they own their body. I've seen toddlers who stripped out of their clothes, and heard many times from other parents to their kids "That's private". How do you teach a child about discretion and privacy when potty training (whether at home or out in public)?

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    1. Currently potty training! My daughter turned 2 last month.

    2. Toddler sized underwear, pull-ups (for when you go somewhere), and a potty seat. (We use the kind that goes right onto the toilet, and use the outside part as a step stool to get onto the potty.)

    3. I haven't used any, but I've seen a Sesame Street book that's like, "Elmo uses the potty" or something like that, at Walmart.

    4. We haven't really had to worry about that, most of the potty training is done in our home.. but when we have company, I always make sure she knows to wear pants in front of other people, because it is polite.

    5. I tried using pull ups for a few weeks, but honestly, they must feel too much like diapers, because my daughter just peed in them like a diaper. So we started doing underwear ONLY, and pull ups for naps, bed time, and when we go out to the store or to visit family. It's hard to get to a bathroom in time when you're in public, and the distractions make it hard to worry about going in the potty, too. But, we always would make a trip to the bathroom at some point when we go to a public place, and she hardly ever has accidents.

    6. I didn't use the no pants method, but the underwear method. I still have to clean up pee when she has on accident, but at least I don't have to worry about cleaning up.. well.. anything else!

    7. Usually with boys, you teach them sitting down at first. When they're 4 or 5 is more appropriate for standing, because they can control their stream and aim it better. (My 2 year old brother is potty training currently, also)

    Good luck!! :)

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    1. Baby 1 - 2.5, Baby 2 - not yet. I plan on potty training her when she shows sure signs that she is ready.

    2. Potty or toilet seat. Stickers or other small toys for rewards if you're into that kind of thing.

    3. No More diapers for Ducky

    4. Their body parts are not terribly private when they are under 3, which is normal potty training age. At that age. nobody else except immediate family and daycare was near her body parts, so it wasn't an issue worthy of discussion until she was around 3 -3 and a half.

    5. No. Children who are "potty trained" use the toilet.

    6. No. I use the "my child will let me know when they are ready to stop wearing diapers" method.

    EDIT - "I've seen toddlers who stripped out of their clothes, and heard many times from other parents to their kids "Thats private." Huh. At the toddler age, I never worried too much about nakedness.

    How to teach about discretion and privacy when potty training (whether athome or out in public)?" close the bathroom door.

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    Answer first child girl

    1. 1 1/2

    2. Kids potty or seat that fits on reg toilet

    3. Don't know - just put her fave books by little potty.

    4. Didn't - Not at first Just told her. knew from going out shut the door to public stalls - At home decided on own going pee was a more private matter than when first started out.

    5. No pull ups, did use diapers at night tell 2 yrs old, couldn't make it through the night.

    6. No, never used pull ups during the day even when on an outing - too much like a diaper.

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    1. we are in week 2, she was almost done but after the moved she didnt want to use the potty. So we gave her some time off and she is using it again. She is so proud when she goes

    2. We have a potty, plenty of undies and pants in case of accidents and we use M&Ms as a treat.

    3. We got abby cadaby goes potty and a few other potty training for girls, they make noises and show how to go all for the toddler though, none for me. Lol

    4. We call it a private not sure what else to teach at this age.

    5. Pulls ups for nap and night time.

    6. We did no pants at the old house and it worked great, its too cold here though.

    7. I have a girl but, I have heard to get something cool to aim at and make it a game.

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    1. 2 months before he turned 3.

    2. We had a small potty that he was able to use on his own...we only used it for about 2 weeks though.

    3. Didn't use any.

    4. We weren't too deep into private parts at that point...

    5. No...no need.

    6. We just had him in his underwear when at home, that way he could pull them down and sit on the potty whenever he felt the need...which was about 267 times a day at first.

    7. We still haven't done much with aim...we hold his hips and steer him that way.

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    1. My 13 year old was 2, 9 year old was 3, and 2 year old was just trained successfully

    2. I'd advise a training potty (which I'm sure you have one) that's all I needed.

    3. Did you ever see the pull ups commercial? Do the *clap* *clap* potty dance? LOL. Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-9Bq87czuY

    Youtube thumbnail

    4. I basically told them that their privates are private and only for mommy and themselves to see. Never let a stranger or someone you don't feel comfortable with see them.

    5. Yes. I used the nighttime ones for my 2 year old because he did have some accidents here & there.

    6. I've never heard of the no pants method.

    7. Okay, I know this sounds nasty. But we put plastic donuts in the toilet and we tried to get them to shoot in the hole, and if he got it in, he won a prize. LOL.

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    1 2 3/4

    2 We had a basic pot from Ikea (used for two weeks), and a little seat that installs onto the regular toilet (still in use a year later)

    3 Didn't go near that stuff -- seems pretty insipid

    4 ? Not really necessary; any normal child is going to already be aware that most people close doors when visiting a toilet

    5 No; they're just diapers

    6 No 'method,' I was confident that given access to facilities and an example to follow the kid would totally sort it out on her own, and she did

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