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what are cause and effects of sex tourism in the philippines ?

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    cause: filipinas struggle under a sexual double standard and repression, where women working in the entertainment/sex industry is an acceptable sexual venue in a bizzare equivalnet to socially accpetable male sexual promiscuity. the difference being is the filipina must assume the role of 'sex victem'; 'dutiful daughter' or financially ambitios 'manila girl' to justify her promiscuity. filipina women are about the best in the world, that includes the most virtuous to the least; this supply creates it's own demand; the numbers of foriegners (westerners or asians) 'dating' filipina bargirls, go go girls, etc is very small compared to the numbers of filipinos that do so at the local corner kareoke joints. the 'bargirl' culture has traditionally existed in asia long before marco polo wrote about this nearly 1000 years ago. the difference now is in the philippines, they they have lost the higher social status as 'entertainers' they traditionally held.. what is labeled 'sex tourism' in the philippines, is not much different than 'hooking up' , casual dating, by 'players' in the usa/uk./west. it is notable that in the us/uk/west women are just as likely as men to have pre-marital sex, teen sex, multiple sex partners, etramarital sex, etc.. whereas the philippines retains the quaint tradition of accepting this behavior by men, not women.

    effects: foriegn guys visit the philippines and hook up with a better class of filipina women. filipina women, like western or asian women, find it is easier to get money from mulitple bf's than to work at difficult low paying jobs. western feminst whores have an endless well of sexual delusions and fantasies regarding 'sex tourism' that they have absolutely no first hand knowledge or understanding of, to get grant money to write about, and to harass, stalk and stigmatize serial dating filipinas who misbehave like men.

    it is also notable that filipina bargirls who are unfairly labled 'sex workers' by western feminist whores, have much lower rates of STDs, unwanted pregancies, fewer sexual partners, less sexual activity, less 'extreme' sex w/ multiple partners, etc; less bi-sexual/lesbian sex, less unprotected sex, less alcohol/drug problems, etc, etc than typical western (feminist influenced) college aged women ... thus proving the point that filipina bargirls, and the men who date them, are far more vitruous than the typical western feminist whore that writes lewd and vulgar fantasies about 'sex tourism'.

    Source(s): feminism is a hate group; 99% of feminist talk about rape, sex tourism, domestic violence, trafficking, gender 'equality', etc , etc .... is little more than anti-male feminist hate speech buzz words. (or moaist marxist feminst anti-usa/western/democracy hate speech)
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    Sex Tourism In The Philippines

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    cause - hornyness, curiosity, experience seekers, sex addiction, online foreign chat.

    effect - pregnancy, aids, pointed nosed children, orgasm, and increases the currency rate of philippine peso

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    Causes: Poverty, lack of education, lack of character

    Effects: Poverty, moral deterioration, AIDS

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    I am interested in this too

  • cause : No money.

    effect : More Money.

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