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Is early onset Parkinson's disease ever misdiagnosed?

I just spent a three day stay at my local hospital for tremor/Dystonia. When the neurologist tested me he said he knew what is was but that couldn't be possible at my age (27). I was prescribed Benztropine (1mg twice a day). My tremors have slowed now that I have a few days of that medicine in me. They discharged me with Unspecified extrapyramidal disease and abnormal movement disorder. I was also told to find another neurologist as soon as possible.

Is there a common mis-diagnosis for younger people presenting Parkinson's symptoms?

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    Yes, this can be a difficult diagnosis to pin down in a young person. All we can be doing here is speculating, without your MRI, CT scan and other tests and full history and physical. You need a board certified neurologist at a major university medical center whose team with consider all of the possibilities, and there are many. A correct diagnosis is essential to formulating the correct treatment.

    First, a viral syndrome can occasionally simulate Parkinsonism in a young person. This needs to be ruled out asap. Secondly, some autoimmune disorders can simulate extra-pyramidal symptoms as well. Shy-Drager Syndrome also can simulate Parkinson's disease.

    I have also seen endocrine and thyroid disorders simulate Parkinsonism. Parkinson's disease is indeed possible in young people though.

    Take the best wishes of the Yahoo Answers Community physicians and have your full work up redone. Very best wishes.

    Source(s): prof. of medicine (Not a board certified neurologist)
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    The Parkinson's Reversing Breakthrough?

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    in case you do not have self assurance you be afflicted by this disease, tell your counselor precisely the way you sense. tell her you have finished a lot of learn and you do not have self assurance you slot into that class. somebody advised me that i could desire to be bipolar, yet I knew that wasn't authentic. i became very depressed although. when I have been given over my melancholy, issues have been decrease back to general. i'm so happy i did no longer hear. maximum medical doctors misdiagnose melancholy or rigidity for something else. in case you sense you do not have that disease, then do no longer settle for that because of the fact the certainty. If she maintains to insist which you be afflicted by that disease when you have advised her your techniques, you may desire to evaluate seeing somebody else. you understand your self extra valuable than any scientific professional or counselor ever could desire to.

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