do you think "yahoo answers" counts as social media?

haha, for one of my college classes we can get extra credit on our final exam if we participate in a "social media fast" during lent. this fast includes Facebook/myspace/twitter, Youtube/movies/TV, and texting. It kinda sucks, but I decided to do it because I could use the extra credit and the extra time that it will give me (or atleast should).

So my professor didn't list Yahoo Answers as one of the things we have to fast I started getting on and asking/answering questions with people I don't even know. haha

but, do you think that it is still "social media" therefore, I shouldn't be on it during this fast?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You have discovered that your professor did not provide a full listing of social media sites, and seeing the commonality between Yahoo! Answers and those sites you think you are outside the spirit of the task. Therefore, you should take the appropriate action if you think you are right, not if we think so or agree. Your decision will be correct for you, either way. But if you choose and still think you are cheating, then you have chosen wrong. The whole issue of fasting and Lent is self-control for a purpose, so demonstrate that with or without extra credit. Thus endeth the lesson.

  • 6 years ago! Because YA isn't like a chat room where posts happen really fast and then are gone the moment they appear.

    I HATE chat room style stuff because real conversation can never truly happen and they always attract half assed answers.

    I have notice a lot of forums that cater to social media are that way too where if you post something the majority don't like you will get slandered especially for being new.

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