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A cell phone rep hacked my account for money! What do I do?

I have a pending harassment lawsuit against an ex-coworker. I have sufficient evidence to prove that he was harassing me at work. He became desperate and through his younger brother’s friend (cell phone representative) made a plan to try and hurt my case. The carrier rep works in a third party store that offers contracts for my carrier, making her a rep for my carrier. Her store is in Riverside, CA.

On 12/23/10 the younger brother must have gone to this third party store, since he lives in Riverside, and together with the representative accessed my account just before 8:00pm and made it seem as if I had lost my current phone and made an upgrade to my account by using an in store dummy phone (dummy phones are usually given to customer that have lost their phones and ordered a new phone in store, that would be shipped to their house. While they wait for their phone they are given a dummy phone which in turn is returned when the new phone arrives). With my number programmed into this new dummy phone they sent out 4 text messages to the harasser pretending it was me, and made a 2 minute call so it will all show in my message detail on my bill. After the messages were sent and call was made, they returned service to my current phone before I realized anything. I had actually checked into the Standard in downtown LA (upscale hotel) with my boyfriend at the exact same time they were in Riverside store doing the illegal phone switch. They falsified evidence, and violated my privacy rights through a cell phone company. I believe the cell phone company is also liable for this violation of my rights.

They should not have been able to access my account. I don't understand why my carrier would give this information so easily to a third-party cell shop that I would have never gone to. I only go to shops with m carrier’s name. I want this representative found out, I want my carrier to re-evaluate their privacy policies since its obviously flawed, and I want justice to be enforced to this representative.

I asked my carrier, "What is going to be done to protect me?" They answered, that a "hot remark" were placed on my account to warn all representatives to really make sure it is "me" before continuing. I changed my pass code, something the representative can see and will ask for verification from the person trying to access my account. However, I suspect the third party employee was involved and they can easily infiltrate my account without any verification. And I cannot be sure what other numbers this representative might have collected from my cell phone history (friends and family numbers).

I feel the carrier’s representative helped plan this attack on my credibility and used the resources available to her against me. She took advantage of her position. I doubt my ex-coworker’s would have come up with this scheme by themselves. They would not have thought about something like using an upgrade to incriminate me with my own phone number. That is something someone who is around a lot of phone would know, or think of.

I need representation for this separate issue, because my carrier’s representative allowed this violation of my security. I actually moved residence because I am afraid of the harasser and if I had updated my address information with my carrier; then they would have that information too. This is very serious because they have malicious intent.

My cell phone is like a part of me, I have always carried the little device with me where ever I go since I turned twelve. I have never shared my cell phone with anyone, as a cell phone is like a diary filled with personal information. I’ve installed all the protection available on my documents and pictures in my phone and even lock the keypad with a symbol pass code. Cell phones are important to everyone, which makes this situation all the more violating. The representative should have protected my rights, not only because it was her job, but because the idea of manipulating anyone’s cell phone is unethical and wrong.

I tried to file a fraud claim with my carrier but they said this was called “social engineering”, but then when I was transferred to that department they said they couldn’t do anything. I asked the last representative what was going to be done, and he couldn’t really answer me. It bothers me that they don’t seem to be taking this too seriously, even after I explained the situation. All they did was place “hot remarks” on my account. I don’t feel very safe anymore and I do not trust my phone company or anyone. If a complete stranger can plan this against someone they don’t personally have a problem with, what else can happen to me? I wonder how much the representative was paid to attack my network.

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    Take your facts to an attorney who deals with privacy issues. Sounds to me like someone violated a few things- the cell company's policies and some of your rights to privacy in your communications.

    With that, who'd be the right place to take your complaints? The Federal Trade Commission might have some answers for you. Suing for damages might not be too productive- how much money have you lost because of this? Sure, if you got a new phone that could be a couple hundred. But the losses you've suffered seem trivial. The bigger issue is the violation of work conduct standards and your privacy.

    As a last resort, to get some satisfaction, you might try contacting a consumer protection agency, or your local TV station's "Seven on Your Side" kind of person.

    There you are- you can see about suing through an attorney, you can complain to the FTC or you can try for a local consumer helper. Best of luck!

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