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Name of LMN movie where girl almost gets raped in locker room?

I saw it a few years ago, and it has Lochlyn Munro in it. at the beginning of the film its a bunch of cheerleaders/football or basketball players i believe in a bus on the way to a game, and Munros character and his friends fool around with a girl. the girls friend then makes a big deal about it. she reports Munro's character. shortly after, she is alone in a locker room, and Munro's character comes in and forces her against a locker and fools around with her against her will. then, she starts a case against him, and there is a lot of stuff in between. apparently it's a true story, but does anyone know the name of the movie, or know where i can find out what its called?? thanks!!

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    Could it be this?

    Silencing Mary (1998 TV movie)

    IMDb synopsis:

    A college reporter (Melissa Joan Hart) uncovers secrets about campus crime after her roommate is raped by the school's star athlete. History exam questions are stolen from Cornwall University's history professor's home by Falcons football players, who nearly escape campus police. Campus paper reporter Mary keeps pushing the case. Soon after, her friend Holly Sherman gets drunk and claims to be raped at that party by star player Clay Roberts. But then retracts the accusation realizing she probably gave the wrong signals. Mary pushes even harder, even after the college finds no proof, no case, ignoring Clay's denial and turning blindly on the whole team, even the supporters. So it gets personal on both sides. Also in the cast are Corin Nemec, Lisa Dean Ryan, Peter MacNicol, Lochlyn Munro, and Teryl Rothery.

    Here's another possibility:

    Stand Against Fear (1996 TV movie)

    starring Shanna Reed, Sarah Chalke, Lochlyn Munro, Teryl Rothery

    IMDb synopsis:

    When a star high school football player launches sexual intimidation attacks at a cheerleader, she takes action against him only to find her efforts blocked by the school officials.

    NOTE: I think that this is the stronger possibility for that scene.

    It's been so long since I've seen these movies that I can't say whether either of these is the one you are looking for.

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    Sarah Chalke Imdb

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    The sandusky

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